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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Searching For A King, Or His Sister

     Watching the talking heads on television continue to pontificate over who will be the next leader or king of the free world and I use the term free loosely, reminds me of the Israelites begging God for a human King.

     Since the day of Moses and the time of the Judges God's people begged for a human King to reign over them.  Not just any titular head would do, no way, they wanted a man of military might, one that would give them peace of mind by giving them all things that were essential to survival and happiness from birth to death.  Never mind that God had given them ten commandments that if followed would ensure their safety and happiness and the Judges to settle disputes arising from exactly what the commandments mean.

      God gave in to their wishes and gave them a human king.  To say their troubles began after this wish fulfillment would not be true, but their troubles did not end with a king and the promised land was a long way off.  Wars began to be fought via the whims and wishes of the king. Granted that in those days the king was most likely the leader of the battle and was granted much respect and glory for his part in the wars.  The people were still enslaved to one kingdom or another time and again.  God was given the backseat for the most part, but believers began to eagerly await the coming of another King.  The King of Kings.

     What they wanted in a King of Kings was much different than the one God gave them.  The one God gave them came in the form of an innocent baby, was raised as a carpenter's son and loved the tax collector, prostitute, pharisee and non believer all the same.  The one God gave them broke the laws of the Jewish leaders, was apolitical, non-militarist and taught that love was the greatest commandment.  This was not exactly what the leaders or people wanted, they wanted a mighty warrior to conquer Rome and all enemies and give the promised land to the Isrealites. 

     Although many came to recognize Jesus as the Messiah through his examples of love and healing, others were jealous and eager to guard their authority at all costs.  The Jewish leaders threw him to the wolves and although there is some dispute amongst scholars as to who really gave Jesus up for execution via the cross, the fact remains that the Jewish High Priests of the temple were powerful even in the Roman empire.

     I can't claim to know the will of God, but my take on the bible is that He is a jealous God that does not take kindly to breaking the laws of His commandments, one of which is to have no other God before Him, or His Son's commandment to love your neighbor as yourself.  What I also take from it is that humans have difficulty taking orders from one that is unseen and will follow a human king, replacing God with what is seen.

     Fast forward to America and the time of Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Roosevelt's New Deal, Bush,Obama and the march of the progressives.   America was always in flux about the Bill of Rights and Constitution and a battle of wills raged over man's God given liberty and the common good of a nation even before we had a Constitution.  I would have loved to have ended the paperwork and establish our laws via the Articles of Confederation, but those who must have a compromise won on that issue and we have the Constitution that though is written in plain language that a fifth grader could understand, is continually made to suit the powers in control or plainly ignored.  Americans have clamored for a king since the progressives won the compromise between the Articles of Confederation and the ratification of the Constitution.  We have followed that elected king in most any edict they have uttered or whatever lies they've told in order to be the rulers of the world.  To dispute the wisdom of the edicts of that American king when it comes to conquering the world is akin to the reaction of the Sanhedrin of Jesus healing the sick on the sabbath.

     Herod was the Roman king when Jesus was born.  He was a strong military leader, brilliant politician and a cruel tyrant.  Most of our Kings have been surprisingly like Herod when it comes to establishing their kingdoms.  Some have been stridently anti abortion but all of them have not had a problem with telling American women what they can do with their bodies while inflaming hatred of one group of people over the other and ignoring the killing of thousands upon thousands of innocent women and children in the war on terror.  It is not a new thing that what is feared is to be eliminated through aggression.  What Americans have not learned is that all things feared should not be eliminated through aggression.  Simply following the laws established in our founding documents would eliminate a lot of fear.   Relatively new is the idea that we need a King to fix our economic woes when the king and his parliament of whores are actually the greatest source of our economic woes.  Taxation, regulation and free health care for all are theft of the first fruits of our labor leaving very little to live on, particularly since Caesar can use the printing press to devalue our currency, leaving meager means with which to take care of our families, churches and communities.  Working for this kingdom leaves very little time to reflect on the means being used for the kingdom to work and this whole idea kind of takes the wind out of the sails on giving God the first fruits.

     Our money, loved ones and dignity are being attacked by the bombardment of our leaders telling us we must fear being attacked by those from foreign lands, many of which are tribal in nature and have no military to speak of, have no weapons that can reach our shores and no way to attack a nation that is taking care of it's borders properly. 

     We have had Kings that were mighty military leaders, brilliant politicians and soft tyrants, many of whom come disguised as conservatives.  What we have are those that pretend to agree with the laws of our Constitution, those paying lip service to a belief in God and man's God given right to liberty, one that is expected to single handedly and  magically fix all of our problems, must vow to never ending aggressions that steal our precious resources. We are vastly off base from electing a king that would be a wise judge of our Republic using our founding documents as his guide and allowing the people to govern themselves with the rights God has graced them.

      I think we've begged God for a King without carefully considering the ramifications of what we've done.  Are we destined to wander as slaves to the whims of our Kings or is it time for a reset of our Kingdom?  Is it time to elect someone that does not wish to rule, rather follow the laws established for our Republic, supposedly with God's provision, for a people that actually believe in the free will and liberty they have been gifted?

     I suppose this election cycle will be the one that determines whether America is doomed to be ruled by a human king.  I will vote for one that does not seek to play God in the form of a human king, one that will lead through the example that the only King of Kings and the law the founders of America established.  One that is humble, true to his word, and loves his neighbor as himself.   As far as I am concerned we have that leader right in front of us, but what is feared is hated and only one that is secure in the knowledge that fear is a temporary condition will have the gumption to cast a vote for liberty.  Are you seeking a King, or his sister the Queen?

For Liberty,
Donna Dawson

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