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Monday, November 1, 2010

Copied from Musing from Maytown

I copied this from someone I have the utmost respect for when it comes to elections.
He is one of the few people that can sway me (the most stubborn person on earth when it comes to using principle over popularity regarding politics)to consider changing my mind for reasons other than conscience. Go Brother Killian!

Saturday, October 30, 2010
November 2nd Endorsements for Other Statewide Offices

Lt. Governor: Perhaps our most difficult endorsement is the race for Lt. Governor. Musings from Maytown could easily pass by with no endorsement, but we have had more inquiries on this race than all other races combined. Frankly, for a fiscal conservative, neither candidate is appealing.

The GOP nominee is State Treasurer Kay Ivey. Ivey presided over the PACT (Pre-paid college tuition) fiasco. Under the leadership of George Wallace, Jr., the PACT board could not invest more than 30% of the corpus in the stock market. Ivey was Treasurer when, the limit was raised to 70% and hundreds of millions of dollars were lost from PACT investments. Ivey's strange manner and obnoxious personality keeps Musings from Maytown from enthusiastic support for Ms. Ivey. Also, we remember Ms. Ivey openly campaigning for Young Boozer for Treasurer in the primary over the outstanding George Wallace, Jr. Ivey has run ridiculous ads attacking Folsom with an attempt to link him to the Jefferson County bond disaster, based on the fact that Folsom's full-time occupation is that of selling municipal bonds--although Folsom never sold bonds to Jefferson County.

The Democratic nominee is the incumbent Jim Folsom, Jr. Folsom, unlike Ms. Ivey, is friendly and seems interested in the people he meets. Folsom has strong business support, largely based on his record as Governor in the early 90s. On a personal level, this writer likes Folsom and dislikes Ivey.

With the comments above, you would expect to hear us endorse Folsom, right? Add our dislike for Ms. Ivey to our willingness, in this election, to support a Democrat, and we would naturally endorse Folsom. Actually, Musings from Maytown urges that readers hold their noses tightly, perhaps even wearing a pin over their noses, to vote for Kay Ivey. Why would we vote for Ivey? Remember, principles trump personality and politics.

For starters, Folsom is pro-choice on the abortion issue. This, alone, is a disqualifying position. Secondly, Folsom manipulated floor debate in the Alabama Senate to bring the Bingo/gambling bill to the floor by refusing to recognize conservative hero Senator Scott Beason.

But most powerful is the issue of redistricting. Each state re-draws the district lines for state and federal elections every ten years, following the federal census. The Redistricting plan is formulated by a 22- person Redistricting Committee: eleven of those members are appointed by the Lt. Governor. Left in Alabama, a progressive blog, advocates that the Lt Governor's race is the most important for the left, due to the redistricting issue.

So, Musings from Maytown urges a strategic vote for Kay Ivey--knowing that we won't be happy with her, but she won't block pro-life bills, won't work for gambling interests, and will appoint conservatives to draw the districts.

Luther Strange and Editor
Attorney General: Musings from Maytown gladly endorses Luther Strange for Attorney General. Luther is a pro-life, pro-family conservative, with convictions on moral issues. Luther is a fiscal conservative. As Attorney General, Luther Strange will administer the staff, hiring attorneys who are loyal constitutionalists. Musings from Maytown has already promoted Luther Strange for Attorney General and we believe that four years from now, conservatives will be pleased with the work of Attorney General Luther Strange.

Agriculture Commissioner: Musings from Maytown enthusiastically endorses John McMillan for Agriculture Commissioner. One-fourth of State capital operates under the purview of the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries. John McMillan is a movement conservative who has worked tirelessly against higher taxes, lawsuit abuse, and has a record of conservative involvement.

Public Service Commissioner: In Place One, Musings from Maytown pleads with voters to replace incumbent Jan Cook with the Republican nominee Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh. Twinkle is a Sunday School teacher at First Baptist Church Montgomery and has served as Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party. Twinkle Cavanaugh has strong convictions about economics and has made enemies from the establishment for her mockery of the global warming fraud. Conservatives should appreciate the stands taken by Twinkle Cavanaugh in this election.

Her opponent is incumbent Jan Cook has been an embarrassment to Alabama. Known for seldom attending work, Jan Cook has received thousands and thousands in campaign contributions from utilities regulated by the Public Service Commission. Worse than that, Jan Cook has spent campaign funds on purchasing an automobile, used regularly, and even purchasing her groceries. Ethics laws should be re-written to stop such shenanigans. Until this happens, voters should oust Jan Cook on Tuesday.

State Board of Education, District 2 : While this race involves South Alabama, we could scarcely pass by the dynamic Betty Peters in her re-election bid. Betty Peters has held firm for conservative principles, exposing corruption, fighting for values in education, and opposing wild spending sprees. As a result, the Alabama Education Association (AEA) has given $50,000 to her opponent, who is campaigning on a platform of support for a lottery and for casino gambling.
Betty worked to expose the ridiculous, secular Bible curriculum for public schools that was pushed by those who had vested interests in passing the use of this curriculum. Betty's opponent is charging her with opposition to Bible teaching! I would hope that wise citizens in Southeast Alabama vote to re-elect Betty Peters to the State Board of Education.
Posted by John Killian at 12:53 AM

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