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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A week ago the Ron Paul R3volution redirected the conservative movement towards freedom at CPAC 2010.

For the first time, libertarians and limit-government conservatives were victorious!  Ron Paul won the 2012 Presidential Straw Poll with 31% of the vote.  The greatest vote total EVER in the 37 year history of CPAC.

Watching Fox News and the political establishment squirm after this significant victory made it most rewarding.  Arch-Neoconservative, Bill Kristol, tried to dismiss the win by stating, "over half of the people at CPAC were under the age of 25."

That's right Mr. Kristol.  The youth are fired up and ready to kick your toxic philosophy out of the movement!  Not to mention, only 3% of the attendees believed fighting the war in Iraq was an important issue.

Even GOP Chairman, Michael Steele, came by our booth to apologize to Congressman Paul for his past transgressions and pick up a copy of End the Fed.  Oh, how quickly times have changed.
Ron Paul with Michael Steele
GOP Chairman, Michael Steele, holding up his signed copy of End the Fed.
The YAL booth was by far the biggest attraction in the exhibit hall.  And the reason was simple -- sumo wrestling!

YAL Spring Intern, Sam Swedberg, put on a dress and white wig to represent Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano.  New recruits were encouraged to sign-up, jump in the sumo suit, and take on Janet as they wrestled Big Government.  It was the perfect gimmick to draw lots of attention.
YAL Sumo Wrestling
Janet Napolitano representing Big Government taking on We the People

Even Fox News stopped by to catch the action

Overall, CPAC 2010 demonstrated the strength and effectiveness of Young Americans for Liberty and Campaign for Liberty to mobilize young activists.
More than 50 YAL chapters were represented with over 200 YAL students in attendance; more than 3,000 copies of YAL’s magazine, Young American Revolution, were distributed; and approximately 1,200 pocket Constitutions were passed out to attendees.
At the YAL booth, 220 new members signed up; 132 pro-liberty bumper stickers were sold; and 91 t-shirts were purchased.
As the Washington Independent observed, "...the surprisingly strong result for Paul makes sense to those of us in the hall. Paul’s Campaign for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty were a massive presence at this year’s CPAC, holding court in a wing of the exhibit hall and hosting overflowing satellite events..."
Needless to say, the time has come for our message and movement to take center stage.
Here's a summary of the media reports:
Video -
Articles -
I would like to personally thank all the YAL donors who provide the fuel for our fire.  Your support is crucial and plays an important role in this revolution. Without you, these success stories would never happen.

Additionally, thank you to everyone who traveled from across the country to join us.  It is your passion and energy that sets YAL apart from the rest.
YAL with Congressman Paul
YAL staff and members with Congressman Ron Paul
I cannot wait to do it again next year!

For liberty,

Jeff Frazee
Executive Director, YAL

P.S. -- For more photos from CPAC 2010, please view Campaign for Liberty's slideshow.

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