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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Agenda 21-The U.N. plan for Sustainable Development" A conversation with Alliance For Citizens Rights Vice Chair, Don Casey

Last month while researching the purpose for the rewrite of Alabama's Constitution I came across a money trail that led back to George Soros, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Philanthropy, etc., all of which contributed nearly 1.5 million dollars to the campaign for rewrite. This troubling information provided more questions than answers. The more I dug into this issue the more questions arose. I spoke with a couple of friends regarding this matter and was referred to the Vice Chair of the ACR (Alliance for Citizens Rights). His name is Don Casey and has been involved with this grassroots organization for the past 10 years. I was intrigued with Don's knowledge of the rewrite, little did I know at the time, the same source that I'd found the money trail was in fact Don's website, ( In our conversation, Don recommended that I look into "Agenda 21-The U.N. plan for Sustainable Development". Over the past 3 weeks, I've devoted much of my days and nights to learning more about this important issue. With a new understanding of how this Agenda threatens our sovereignty as individuals, I approached Don and asked for an interview...

Tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from? How long have you been in the Birmingham area? 

Wallace, after graduating from high school in the mid-sixties I joined the navy. After completing my four year tour of duty I was employed by US Steel in Birmingham, Alabama where I retired after 33 years of service. I am married currently the blissful count is 43 years. We reside in Pleasant Grove a bedroom community of Birmingham.

What is the ACR and what is it’s primary goal?

The ACR is the Alliance for Citizens Rights. The ACRs primary goal is to first prevent further encroachment of our God given un-a-lienable rights. This goal counters the concept of “inalienable” rights which are rights that the possessor may relinquish. The concept of un-a-lienable rights is found in the Declaration of Independence. The first published document of the American people. Our second goal is to regain our un-a-lienable rights which have been lost in society’s transition to “sustainability”. Typically, the first encounter Americans will have under “sustainable development” will be property rights violations. Our niche is to providing information that will help the individual understand the origins of the violations.

Does the ACR have any political officiation and how is the organization funded?

No, the organization does not endorse candidates or political parties. Members of political parties have demonstrated a propensity to destroy this Constitutional Republic in order to maintain party dominance. The organization is funded through membership and donations.

What is Agenda 21 and when did you first learn of it? 

Let me excerpt a few quotes from the introduction to Agenda 21 – it is “a program of action for sustainable development worldwide… it stands as a comprehensive blueprint for action to be taken… in every area in which human activity impacts on the environment.” President Bush (senior) flew to Rio in 1992 and signed the agreement. It has three international binding treaties and 40 chapters that literally cover every aspect of our lives. The 40 chapters are generally referred to as “softlaw”. Agenda 21 – the document – is considered the “bible(1)” for “sustainable development”. Every President since Bush has implemented various aspects of Agenda 21. President Obama issued Executive Order 13514 on Oct. 5th 2009 that emphatically states that the Federal Government will “establish an integrated strategy towards sustainability." The 15 page order spells out what is expected of the Federal agencies. The mantra includes the concept of a “triple bottom line(1a)”.

I read about Agenda 21 shortly after the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA was adopted. About 1993..

Are there any Supreme Court rulings regarding eminent domain connected to Agenda 21? 

Not that I am aware of that can be directly tied to Agenda 21. I can tell you that the mayor of Anaheim, California stated that the city would not use eminent domain to further the goals of “smart growth”. The city would instead utilize zoning and code enforcement and other means to render compliance. “Smart Growth(2)” is an implementation concept under “sustainability”. For additional information regarding “Smart Growth” read the American Planning Association’s “Policy Guide on Public Redevelopment(2a)". “Smart Growth” will provide the look and feel of utopia while “social justice” and associated utopian requirements such as diversity training(2b), a reduction in unsightly obese individuals(2c), and calculating “food miles(2d)” for every crumb on your plate, just to name a few, are in the early stages of implementation. See also the - Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network(2e).

The current situation in the central plains of CA (the 'Bread Basket' of America) where the water supply has been shut off, crippling this vital industry due to a minnow (smelt) on the endangered species list; I've always associated this with 10th amendment issues, am I correct or is this part of Agenda 21? 

Literally every organized violation of our un-a-lienable rights is associated in some way with Agenda 21. Every nation-state that agrees to implement Agenda 21 voluntarily submits on a five year cycle a report which details what laws, programs and processes that are utilized to fulfill its comment to “sustainable development”. In 1997 the United States submitted to the United Nations titled “NATURAL RESOURCE ASPECTS OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. The report cites the Endangered Species Act of 1973(2f) amid a listing of forest legislation that has been revised or enacted in the last decade as part of the United States effort to comply with its voluntary commitment. Thus, the endangered species act can be utilized to further the goals of Agenda 21 by reducing farm production(3). Growing food in one part of the country for consumption in another part of the country is “not sustainable”. There is a segment in my latest presentation that explains the concept of a “food shed” – “food mile”. The links is
Can you give examples where imminent domain and Agenda 21 have infringed on Alabamians property rights? 

Imminent domain draws a negative response from the public. Governmental authorities are therefore reluctant to use its authority hence, the need for a gradual establishment of a system that will implement “sustainable development”. Alabama’s “Limited Self-Governance Act” fulfills part of the gradual criteria. The “Act” is quite effective in gradually stripping from the individual his private property rights. Governance is not to be confused with government - for governance is “the framework of rules, institutions, and practices that set limits on the behavior of individuals, organizations and companies(4)". Nineteen counties have unwittingly adopted the “Act” including Mobile. The ACR produced a DVD which has six examples of how the “Self-Governance Act” has been blatantly utilized to violate property owners un-a-lienable rights. Two of which involve poor and elderly Alabama residents: Moss Dalrymple, a decorated war veteran – Part I - Part II and the poignant story of Jean Tresch -
Are there any connections to the call for a re-write of the Alabama Constitution and Agenda 21? If so, does this explain outside sources of money from the likes of George Soros, Rockefeller Philanthropy, etc.?

Yes, all of the organizations that are proponents of a new State constitution are promoters of “sustainable development”. They promote justice for one if not all of the following: social, economic, and environmental(5). To confirm that Soros and his ilk are promoters of the same agenda, type into any internet search engine the name of the organization followed by “sustainable development”. A foot noted flow chart that show the dispersal of money to organizations in Alabama actively working to rewrite the State’s Constitution is available at:
We have in Baldwin County a private sewer company. Towns like Spanish Fort have signed contracts with them. The contract takes away property owners right to replace a failed septic system with another septic system. Instead the property owner has to install the sewer system at a sizable expense. Is this an example of Public Private Partnership that is part of Agenda 21? If so, this would clearly illustrate that some special interest will directly profit from Agenda 21, right? 

The best example that I can think of to illustrate the dangers of a Public Private Partnership PPP is to reference WWII’s Mussolini. He partnered with industry and you know where that went. For some reason we forget our history lessons or believe that a miracle will happen and history will not repeat itself. 

Business/corporations (this includes the corporate church) will/are excepting the ideology of “sustainable development”. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development has a membership of 200 of the world largest corporations. All business that conduct business with them will be required to adhere to the same ideology.

This acceptance by church, state, and corporations of a unified dogma produces a PPP which restructures government. The new system is “governance” – listen for the word – its use is on the increase. Remember governance is “the framework of rules, institutions, and practices that set limits on the behavior of individuals, organizations, and companies(4)"

Are their various layers of legislation involved with Agenda 21? 

We have a tendency to focus on Agenda 21, but there is a profusion of legislative acts that over the years has furthered the goals of “sustainable development”. The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 is a big culprit. It states that “it is the continuing responsibility of the Federal Government to use all practicable means” to “assure for all Americans safe, healthful, productive, and aesthetically and culturally pleasing surroundings”. A safe, healthful, and productive life has a completely different definition when defined by “sustainable development” takes on a whole new dimension. Imagine that you are living in a “sustainable community”. You have a “productive life” that is “healthful” and safe. All of which means you have “freedom of choice”. What would “freedom of choice” mean to a citizen of a “sustainable community”?

Answer: “Freedom of choice. People should be able to choose where they live and do business, as long as they pay the identifiable costs of those choices and do not impose unaccounted-for costs on other people or nature, now or in the future(7).”

Obviously a brave new world awaits us.

What counties and municipalities in Alabama are presently implementing Agenda 21? 

All counties and municipalities are involved in various levels of the implementation process. Typically local government will author a “comprehensive plan” which is an official policy statement. The tenets of these plans are compliant with “sustainable development” and are enforced through local ordinances.
Why would local officials cooperate with this program? 

That is the $64,000 question. I can only surmise: First, there are individuals that are in agreement with the ideologue – I have met a few. Second, they are “useful idiots” – I have met a few. And thirdly, they know but “don’t care” – I have met a few of them too.

Are any speaking out against this? 

At the local level – not that I am aware of.

What effect does this have on our youth? Education? 

Private property rights protection can only be secured when a majority of individuals in a society have a common understanding of what constitutes those rights and are willing to stand in protection of them. Destroy that understanding and you have effectively destroyed government’s mandate to protect private property. Fundamentally, society does not understand the purpose of objective of government: "That the sole object and only legitimate end of government is to protect the citizen in the enjoyment of life, liberty, and property, and when the government assumes other functions it is usurpation and oppression.(9)"
This example of a lack of fundamental knowledge set the stage for many “sustainable education programs”. One of which is “Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit(8)”. It will infect American youth with the ideologue of “sustainable development”.

Why have I never heard of this before? How could something so big not be reported in the media? 

I do not have an answer. I have spoken to some newspaper reporters that agree with the ideologue and are therefore defensive of it. Beyond that I can only guess.

How can I protect my property? 

I refer back the prior question and reiterate that a proper understanding of government’s purpose is fundamental. Beyond that publicizing the plight of a property rights victim will afford a chance to educate others.
What is the ultimate goal of Agenda 21? 

Restructuring society based on “sustainable development principles”. Example: “Innocent until proven guilty” is a unique principle to the American society; as such it was incorporated into our judicial system. The premise for this concept is found in Romans 13 verse 4(10). The judge is required to punish the individual after his actions have been proven to be evil – innocent until proven guilty.

Part of the new criteria is referred to as “the Precautionary Principle”. It is Principle 15(11) of Agenda 21 and dictates that authorities should be proactive in preventing actions from occurring that may be harmful. You are in effect guilty until you prove your innocence.

Can this be stopped? 

YES – will it be stopped – that is another question. 

What can I do? 

This is the destruction of our society through the adoption of an alien ideology. No guns – No bullets were used to force us to accept this dogma. And no guns or bullets will save us. We must undo this through education which includes a complete understanding of “sustainable development”.


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2c. Creating Livable Cities for All Ages: Intergenerational Strategies and Initiatives1 “Innovative food assistance/nutrition programs. Governments must encourage local food production, support small scale local agriculture, and expand use of existing meal sites to multiple generations. This work can build on existing programs and practices around community gardens, nutrition, active living and obesity reduction”



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Our mission is to provide business leadership as a catalyst for change toward sustainable development, and to support the business license to operate, innovate and grow in a world increasingly shaped by sustainable development issues.

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11. 'In order to protect the environment, the precautionary approach shall be widely applied by States according to their capabilities. Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost-effective measures to prevent environmental degradation.' (Principle 15)

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