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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Liberty Groups Need to Unite

Please watch the video before you read the post.  Just click on the title to watch.

While attempting to read my email this morning it occurred to me that within the Tea Party groups there are  many agendas, ideas and suggestions, but very little talk of how to get get back our Republic.

I am concerned that some people within the groups do not understand that we are supposed to be a Republic nation and it is our duty to educate everyone about our form of Government.   I hear the word Democracy all too often.  I fear that often times we fall prey to worshiping  false idols that serve to divide us and keep us from the mission of retaining personal property and individual liberties that our forebears gave us at great cost of life and livelihoods.

 Prayerful people are praying harder than they ever have in their entire lives and need no urging or compact to bind them to God or Jesus Christ except their beliefs.  I fear my prayers to end to the war are at cross purposes with the prayers of those that wish for success in our nation building efforts.  I believe we are to pray in our homes, without standing on the street corners as the Pharisees did, showing people how devout we are.  Those of you who know me, know that I have problems with rote prayer during the worship service, although I know they serve a purpose.  I think some people are comforted, that is good and I hope they are, but I prefer prayers that are spontaneous and heartfelt and not just recitations of the words of another.  I question with boldness even the existence of God because God gave me the brain with which to question these things.  To loosely quote Pastor Chuck Baldwin "I would rather follow a man that professes no God than one who does and does not work for individual liberty".  Why would I bow to any man when it is God  I worship?  There is no symbol or man made monument that can induce me to follow any path but the path of liberty.

There are groups urging us to sign a compact that we will return America to a land of God fearing citizens, yet I feel some do not appear to understand that until they take back their own neighborhoods and communities and get the Federal Government out of the school system it will not happen.   Even though they believe in God, not all Americans are Christians, and that is okay.  If you take care of your neighborhood, you will be self governing, you do not need to tell the rest of America how to live, the rest of the world will not affect you if you refuse to give up your territory.

Take Afghanistan.  For hundreds of years there has been no real or central Government recognized by the tribes, sure, the treaty of Versailles gave them their borders and they loosely recognize their capitol in Kabul, but they are mostly nomadic tribes that recognize no borders and no one leader.  Which is why they laughed at our attempts to force them to elect a president.  They are in a state of perpetual civil war, but they will unify against an invader and have no fear in fighting to the death.  They have no real leader, flag or pledge of allegiance that symbolizes their nation, they cherish their rights to be free.  We are not the only nation or people that God favors, and to believe so makes us like the enemy we try to conquer.  We will not prosper until we learn this truth.  Afghanistan has never been conquered and most likely never will be unless God wills it so and no man will know the time, not even the Son of God.  I know this fact upsets many people to hear, but it is the truth.  We have been warned over and over to take care of our own back yard and we fail to heed the warnings.  9/11 was not planned in Afghanistan, it was planned in Germany, Italy and America.  The money supporting Al Qaida and the Taliban came/comes from Saudi Arabia and other wealthy and powerful "brokers" worldwide and aids in furthering the New World Agenda that George H.W. Bush declared he would assist in ushering in for the United States. 

 There are groups out there urging us to support our troops for without them there is no liberty, yet daily more freedom is taken from us and now even more of our youth will risk their lives in the name of Empire building while we wave the flags and keep sending more children to the government school for their daily dose of indoctrination.   I know we all care about our children and their education.  Let's not raise them to be a Nation of war mongers.  Bring our brave youth  home and let them fight and die on their own soil where their mothers or some other American woman can comfort them in arms that care for them.

Until we unite by sending all elected officials home and vote in a new guard of  liberty loving individuals that will follow the Constitution, stop watching P.C. correct television programs, take back our schools so they are not Government schools, spending our money on inane instant gratification, are willing to take as much discomfort as our forefathers did, recognize our rights come from God, the Creator, or Nature's God,  and that it is our right to believe the way we choose as long as we are not physically harming someone or stealing from them, take back our neighborhoods and stand armed with the Constitution, not just parts of the document we tend to agree with, stand shoulder to shoulder against any of the current plans for us carried out by our municipalities and states will we make a difference in or impact on governing our own lives and the problems attending  liberty.  I, for one would rather have the problem of too much liberty over too little.

We need State Sovereignty and we need it now.  We need to be there when the legislature returns to session and rebuke Wendel Mitchell's plan to pass only non confrontational legislation.  We pay them and they have great pay and benefits for part time jobs, are you doing so well!?  They work for us, make them work for our liberty.

  Join me and a few others in a gauntlet to surround our legislature when they return to session in Montgomery on January 12th, be with us every day of their session until our demands are met.  Stand tall and loud and look them in the eye, we will not wait for permits or permission.   It is time to demand our right to assemble without their permission, demand our states rights and get the Federal Government out of our lives.  They are not listening and they do not care, we should not allow them to continue the agenda of the New World Order.  Bring the war home to our borders and have our bravest stand with us to protect our liberties here instead of risking their lives abroad.  Be prepared for hardships now instead of the hardships we will have to endure as a Nation of the NWO.

If you would like to be part of the group greeting the legislature on January 12th shoot me an email at  Let's unite.


DD For Liberty

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  1. I worry much the same, what are we accomplishing?

    Are we changing hearts and minds with our demonstrations? We may be affecting politicians in the short run, but long term success depends on changing the hearts and minds of our families, friends and neighbors.

    The struggle for Liberty requires we fight tactically and strategically, meaning we need more than rallies. We need an informed citizenry.


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