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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The freedoms we still enjoy in America are on a very short list.
If I miss one I hope my readers will comment on it and add it to the list.  I will be grateful for any help on this list, indeed, I will celebrate if other freedoms can be found.

We are free to work and to do work that we enjoy, unless you are in banking, then you are free to work under the condition you will get a bonus if the Federal Govt. approves it and they will set the amount of pay and bonuses.  That is, if you are in a bank that received TARP funds, if not, soon you will be taken over by the Govt. and that is your fate.  You are free to put your money in any bank you choose, if you choose to use the Govt. bank, it is still your free choice.  With the freedom to work comes allowing the Federal Govt. to take about  40%  of your earnings, the state and local municipalities about 10%, leaving you with roughly 50% of your hard earned dollar depending where you live.  With the coming of the collapse of the dollar or hyperinflation due to the practices of a few financially irresponsible members of society, housing departments, mortgage companies, Congress, the Fed, the Treasury and the President, expect to earn what amounts to Zimbabwian dollars.

We are free to live where we choose, we just have to pay property taxes and hope that a Super Walmart or the state does not want your property, in that case, eminent domain laws will allow the state to take your property because Super Walmart will give them greater tax revenue. Oh, and if you own or operate a farm you are subjected to State and Federal Govt. regulations.  Wait a minute, there is also something about light bulbs you can use in your home, it has to do with global warming, but that is not a law yet, so scratch the light bulb thing. If you are a dependent of the Govt. and the taxpayer pays your rent you should expect to live in section 8 housing because you are like a child that needs to be taken care of from cradle to grave, the few exceptions are the truly needy and the churches and communities are no longer responsible or encouraged to meet the needs of the truly needy among them, so low cost housing or the state home is your fate.

We are free to purchase any mode of transportation we like, however, I propose if you want to buy American you should purchase a Ford.  Ownership of that transportation however must meet state standards of inspection, mandatory insurance, registration and drivers license if you wish to operate that vehicle.  Our choices are about to be strictly limited though, if Cap and Trade passes, you may forget your SUV or pick up truck.

We are free to attend any church we wish, or not attend any church we wish, however if you live in the south you may have a few raised eyebrows if you choose not to attend a church, still, it is your choice.  Unless you are Muslim or Wiccen, but I really don't wish to go there right now.

You are free to send your children to a private school or home school, however, those that choose to home school are subject to background checks, curriculum has to match the "national standards", your home or place of education is subject to random checks by the state, even private schools are pressured to receive funds from the Federal Govt. so that they are racially diverse and follow Govt. guidelines when it comes to education, snacks and lunch programs.  You are not free to send your child to the Govt. school of your choice unless you can prove minority status, falsify your address or get your child into a magnet or charter school.  You cannot choose the age your child begins school or ends High School, and coming soon, if your child cannot cope with school or gets to be 25 and still cannot graduate, that child will not be granted a driver's license.  You cannot opt out of mandatory vaccinations unless you can prove Religious differences and even then be prepared to go to the Supreme Court with your explanation.   Please tell your child not to put up his thumb and extend his forefinger and yell, Pow, Pow, as he will be expelled for bringing a weapon to school. (This is not a joke, it really happened) You are not free to openly worship God in Government schools.   I'll cover that in the freedom of speech issue.

You are free to shop for groceries, necessities or anything else you want, you are required to pay taxes on those purchases,  in most states that is the case.  There are exceptions, if you are purchasing sudafed, guns and ammo there are restrictions.  In the case of sudafed, if you purchase more than your monthly allotment you will be arrested for suspected trafficking in Methamphetamines, guns require a background check and ammo is hard to find right now.

You are free to speak what you like to whom you like unless you are a Congressman and speak out of order in a Joint Session, or happen to believe in God, Jesus, Christmas or offer a religious opinion in a Federal or State government building or on the property of either.   You are free to write, think and feel what you like, you are just subject to public opinion, in which case, sometimes what you think, feel and write is better kept private.

You are free to travel to any state you choose, just make sure all of your paperwork is in order.  There are few private and toll roads, so expect to have your license, registration and insurance paperwork handy.  If you are flying make sure you have your Government ID ready and be prepared to endure a body scan, remove your shoes and possibly a strip search.

You are free to go to the movies, bars, football games and other entertainment events, the Government welcomes these distractions as they focus attention away from the important things.  Be prepared to have your ID ready if you attend any of these distractions because although we can have soldiers that will be sent to fight and possibly die as far from home as possible as young as 18, most states have an age requirement for some movies, bars and other events, the age of consent is 21. 

These are the freedoms we have left.  When the president signs the Copenhagen Treaty, even though ratification of two thirds are required, and we all know how that will turn out considering our Representatives are not representing our Constitution, we will be under the umbrella of the UN and there will be no States rights, no Constitution and no place in America left to practice these few remaining freedoms. 

 I hope it is not too late for us to insist that every American wake up to the sobering reality that power corrupts and total power totally corrupts. We must not listen to the voice of a Government that takes away our Liberty while it insists that it is fighting for our security.  We should never seek security over liberty as it erodes the very liberties we are seeking to retain.  We must protect our young men and and women in harms way and support them by insisting our "leaders" follow the Constitution.  We must not only protect our Military, Police and Fire Departments, we must protect ourselves from those who are following orders,  when those following orders turn on those supporting them by working to pay their salaries.  Have you ever heard the term "biting the hand that feeds"? 

Wake up America, the hand that feeds is just about swallowed by the leviathan in the room and we can no longer pretend not to notice.

"In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." Thomas Jefferson

For Liberty,
Donna, DD For Liberty

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