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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 In Review

I don't remember ever ending a year with so much doubt about the future of a free America.  I've come close, but the end of this year brings many things that lead me to seriously doubt the prospect of a brighter future for our children.  

The 14.3 Trillion dollar and rising debt is so insurmountable that the government via the slaves/taxpayer cannot even attempt to repay the debt. We, our children and their progeny are forced into servitude without consent for a debt that in no way imaginable can be repaid in 140 years.

The borrowed money from China, combined with printing from the Fed and taxation of the citizens of the empire are being spent by those behaving like drunken sailors on shore leave.  Spent to set up soldiers in Australia in order to protect our "interests" in case of attack from China, ironically the source of borrowed currency. Spent on the Afghan war that should be over since the death of OBL and every other terrorist that attacked our country.  Spent trying to sow seeds in soil that is inhospitable to growth of that type seed.  Spent on trying to change the minds and hearts of people who are supposed to believe the occupying forces do not represent force. Spent on embassy protection and operations in Iraq, drone attacks on any number of countries in the Middle East, NATO orders for our soldiers, sanctions and covert operations in Iran, a country of people that say war is being waged by government not by the people.  Hear!  Hear!  Spent on foreign aid while American children are deprived of food, in a few cases at least.  Benjamin Netenyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel stood up in congress and told them Israel did not need or want their aid and yet we force our aid onto them for their own good.  Blood money spent for more blood.  People in our country say we must protect Israel for God.  It appears they've forgotten that God is omniscient, omnipotent, created the world and just may be capable of handling Israel.  Yet I digress.

Our unfunded liabilities due to Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security and welfare are just that.  Unfunded.  There is no money left due to the ineptness and downright thievery of Congress.  Just hearing the word Congress leaves an unpleasant taste and head achy feeling as surely the 9% approval rating proves.

The attacks on American rights and freedoms via the Patriot Act and the National Defense Appropriations Act, TSA and VIPER units are staggering.  Our phones are tapped and internet communications are monitored.  In order to travel about the country or indulge in flying a person is subjected to dangerous radiation levels, molestation from goons in uniform lording it over the peons that pay their salaries.  The department of homeland security, what a joke, has initiated a "see something, say something" campaign in department stores, hotels and other public places guaranteeing that a frightened populace become the "tattletales" we were warned against becoming when we were young.  Road blocks by state, county and international soldiers (Canadian law enforcement, our own Armed forces and other NATO peacekeeping units) in the name of keeping you safe from nebulous attacks from nebulous offenders are now being conducted on highways, interstates and back roads without warrant. You will answer questions that are none of their business, you will show your papers.  You will acquiesce or you will be subjected to force in order to comply. Don't believe me, just youtube police abuse.  You'll find a variety of tasing, beating and intimidation tactics used against a public in a country where innocent until proven guilty is supposed to be the law. You can be arrested without counsel, indefinitely detained in an undisclosed location without telling your family or anyone else what has become of you.  Your name could be on a list of suspicious activity if you are a Christian, a Veteran of foreign wars, a supporter of Ron Paul, a supporter of the Constitution or some other group that our benevolent government fears as a threat. Yet they do nothing to secure the border between Mexico and America.  They encourage the drug war on the border and supply guns to the enemies.  There are warrantless no knock raids against veterans and raw milk producers right alongside supposed drug dealers.  People and pets are shot, tasered and otherwise abused for imagined threats they may be to society.  Oftentimes people being subjected to this behavior are done so because "law enforcement" has the wrong address.  The government needs a submissive and fearful populace that will allow any atrocity in the name of keeping them safe.  The fourth and fifth amendments to the Constitution are dead.

The GOP in Iowa say they are going to move the vote counting to an undisclosed location due to possible attacks from the OWS crowd.  Fearing they will cut the phone lines or some other such nonsense, apparently they are unaware of cellphones.  Anyone who believes this argument is daft.  I'm sorry, but you should not vote, please do your fellow citizens a favor and stay home.  If you believe this you are probably among the people who are accepting every aspect of our new closed in society.   This act proves to me the establishment is very afraid that the people will reign supreme and elect the person they choose.  That cannot be allowed to happen and the GOP will find some way to stop anyone but their choice from winning an election.  They did not get the memo last election cycle that their hand picked choice cannot defeat their hated nemesis, Obama or any other Democrat.  The MSM states that Iowa does not count if Ron Paul wins and by golly that is the law of the land.  Never mind how insulted the citizens of Iowa must be over the claims their votes in the caucus don't count or that they cannot protect themselves against a band of OWS that do not even know what they stand for, much less overpowering and stifling the electoral process. However, agent provocateurs are a known phenomena that is not only used by the Democrats.  That ploy is so transparent it is laughable, but so evil one cannot laugh.

In my state, which boasts of the toughest immigration law in the nation, getting your car tag renewed has become a nightmare for some.  In an ironic twist on this aggressive new law a mother of a soldier deployed to war went to get the soldiers car tag renewed.  She has power of attorney in order to conduct business on behalf of her offspring.  It took her all day to purchase a tag for a car that is most likely sitting in a garage while it's owner is off fighting for our government.  I heard the mother tell her story on a local talk radio program and was amazed that the host of the program questioned the type of POA she held instead of a law that makes it more difficult to conduct business in our state.  Preposterous!  I've already expressed my angst against having to go to the DMV to do something I have grown used to doing online.  Let us all regress in the name of keeping unwanted elements out of our state.  For heavens sake, we can't cut off the money, emergency care, welfare or anchor baby status that may have them decide to skip our state.  Forget the fact that our farmers had vegetables rotting on the vine because there were so many legal citizens lined up to work those jobs illegals were taking.  We must pass a law indicting all citizens. Don't question why you should have to prove you are a legal citizen.  We must make it as difficult as possible for the parent of a deployed soldier and the rest of the legal citizens.   This is progressive, closed in society type behavior that is popular in my state and behavior that is compatible with fascism.  This is the GOP.

I won't even begin to bore you with the plans that big Pharma and big Farming interests' have put in place over our future in medicine and food.

Lest you think I am just down on the GOP let me assure you I am no fan of the Democrats either.  I've said it time and time again, they are the same party, they just spend your fiat money in different ways.  Not that the difference is all that different anymore.  They are both pushing for a closed in society with perpetual war abroad and at home.  They are both pushing a one world government under the umbrella of NATO and the UN.

As 2011 comes to an close I say good riddance.  Although not without appreciating what I've learned this year.
I've finally learned that time is the only finite resource we have. That the scariest words on earth really are "We are from the government and we are here to help".   We are alloted only so much time on this earth.  What we do with it is infinitely important and precious.  Why do we waste our time taking orders from government who is incapable of producing life and therefore cannot give us rights?  They cannot take our rights without our consent.  The only reason government should exist is to protect our rights.  The founders understood that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  That those who seek security over liberty deserve neither security nor liberty.  Why do so many Americans fear the threats the government cannot and do not protect us against?  Why don't they understand the real threat is from government?  Why don't more people question why the government failed to protect us from attack on 9/11, yet accept every transfer of their rights from themselves to the government since that day?  Are we a nation cowering under the fear that we cannot live our lives without someone telling us what to do so we come to no harm?  Do we really think Government can guarantee us one more day, hour or second on this earth?  Why do we bow and scrape before any other man when we are made equal?  How much time do we have left in our former Republic and what will you do with that time?  Will you mourn the loss of your country and regret you did not take the time to do something to preserve your rights and your free future?

I'll spend my time living as God intended me to live.  An equal to any and every man.  Subservient to none and having no master but God.  I intend to respect every human being on this earth as having those same rights.   I intend to live as though liberty is not being snatched from the very hands and hearts of those that have fought so valiantly to save them.  I intend to make sure my family and friends know just how precious they are to me and that I take this fight for their freedom to heart because of my love for them.  I happy that many people are awakening to the threat to their liberties being waged by those they elect and are willing to take some of their time to fight back.  My hope for 2012 is that tyranny gives way through direct citizen action.  That Americans take back the American dream founded for them with the blood, fortunes and time spent by so many.  I will not spend one millisecond of the time alloted for my life in fear. 

For Liberty,
Donna Dawson, December 31, 2011

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