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Saturday, November 5, 2011

State Sponsored Resentment, Plain and Simple

State Sponsored Resentment, Plain and Simple

My state boasts the toughest immigration law in the land.  My state is facing lawsuits from the Federal Government which will no doubt cost taxpayers more than a year worth of Wic/welfare payments to illegals.  The WIC payments won’t be abolished, add the lawsuit costs to the welfare programs.  How much money are we saving, and by the way, how many jobs have we added since this law was passed?
Campaign for Liberty called, wrote, gathered petitions which I hand delivered and demanded the Legislature not to pass this law.  The main reason we were against the law is we knew the Federal Government would not only NOT comply with the law as they proved over and over again that they completely ignore the Federal law, they would likely sue us over our new law.  One of the few enumerated powers of the federal govt. is to secure our borders and follow Immigration law.  Time and again we have noticed the failure of the federal government to do anything that makes good sense.  C4L understands state rights issues and the 10th amendment of the Constitution are important, but also understands that this issue could best be served through cutting off the money, anchor baby status and the compulsion to educate those in our midst illegally.  Instead of supporting the law that passed we supported economic measures that make much more sense and would guarantee our rights as taxpayers.  We have the outcome of our opposition.

The Federal Government is suing the state over our immigration law.  Adding insult to economic injury, citizens cannot renew car tags without losing money by taking half a day off work to go stand in line at the DMV.  Forget that in order to be granted the privilege of licensure to drive you’ve already proven your citizenship.  Illegals do not have to do this and will suffer little repercussions if they are caught driving without a license.  They will not be deported, will not pay the fine and are allowed to carry on in this lawless fashion.  Legal citizens will comply.  Not only does this law have citizens hamstrung in the means of obtaining tag renewals by mail or online, this law ushers in the National ID.  The excuse used for the new ID system that is expensive and anti -individual liberty is to ensure uniformity of the Immigration law.  The federal government has absolutely no intention of compliance with our law, but will happily accept our compliance with the National ID.  We fell right into their hands on this hard fought issue. 

Forgive the personal anecdote, but I feel compelled to share and wonder if others feel the same way.  Yesterday I was in the grocery store and checked out behind two Spanish speaking ladies.  I have no way of knowing whether they are illegal or not, they did not appear to understand English, so for argument sake I’ll assume they are here illegally.  One had a new baby and the other is pregnant.  They each paid with WIC coupons and one paid with an EBT card the balance WIC did not cover.  I had a cart of groceries I paid for and the thought occurred to me that I not only just paid for my groceries at grossly inflated prices thanks to our money changers at the FED, but I paid for their groceries too.  If we have a law that is to keep illegals out of our state, why am I still paying for their groceries, anchor babies, and public education?

I tell you what I think about it, I don’t mind if people come from other countries to make a better life for themselves and their families, but they must not be able to receive aid from the taxpayer. 
Blame those that won’t work at the jobs the illegals will take.  Blame those that make senseless laws and still shell out taxpayer dollars to anchor baby moms.  Blame those that feel if you are doing nothing wrong you have nothing to fear.  Blame the federal government that has all along been pushing for a national id and our citizenry that falls for it though the doing nothing wrong argument.

Yes, I blame them all and I hate being in a place where I resent a group of people because my voice is not heard by our legislature.  I resent the fact that I am now forever looking for ways to convince my family to leave this state and take our good tax payer dollars to a state that recognizes it is not my burden to pay for unnecessary federal lawsuits or foot the bills of those who come here illegally. 

I have a case of state sponsored resentment, plain and simple.

For Liberty,
Donna Dawson 

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