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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

12 Signs That Americans Who Love Liberty and Freedom Should Watch Their Backs

Americans who are doing nothing wrong have nothing to fear, right?

What about 1st and 2nd graders, what are they doing wrong? Their parents are complying and sending them to government school every day. Remember the air raid drills? Some of us had nightmares about nuclear attacks for years after enduring the drills in school. Those old nightmares of drills past are nothing compared to the drills conducted today. The video made me sick to my stomach.

Do you think it is okay that in the name of the "fight on terror" Americans are enduring terror from those sworn to uphold and defend their rights under the bill of rights?

If you believe that complying so you can have your false sense of security over liberty you are doing our soldiers a grave disservice as they believe they have been fighting to defend our liberties and uphold the Constitution. If you believe this you are doing all those that have died or been maimed in the history of our nations fight for our Republic a grave disservice. If you believe this you are not a lover of liberty and you should just go ahead and admit to yourselves the terrorists have won and you can send as many of our youth to their grave or living hell to fight this war on "terror" overseas, I ask that occassionally you remind yourself that the real terror is here. Your support of the "war on terror" has degenerated into an America unrecognizable by your father or mine.

Work harder comrade. The future awaits and your participation is vital in the effort to remove any trace of freedom in America.

12 Signs That Americans Who Love Liberty and Freedom Should Watch Their Backs

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  1. The most Terrorist I have seen in one place has been in Washington City, District of Criminals. Let us hope that enough of us are willing to sacrifice our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to restore what it is that previous generations lost, became apathetic to, and then were overcome with greed because of corrupt monetary system - instituted by Lincoln and Salomon P. Chase and eventually taken advantage of by the Federal Reserve Banking interests.


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