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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Media and the Perry/Romney Plastic Heads

The MSM plays a big part in who gets the party nomination  for President and other supposedly important elections.  We all know that.  What happened with MSNBC's so called Republican Debate was so glaringly obvious that only the dumbest person could not see what was happening.
It was the Perry/Romney show.  The other candidates on the stage were offered some tough questions, Ron Paul was served sherbet in the form of the four questions posed to him.  Romney/Perry enjoyed almost an hour of spotlight frenzy.  If I had not been so disgusted with those fair and balanced moderators I would have laughed.  What is funny is that the candidates are sounding more and more like Ron Paul.  What makes them sane and Ron Paul crazy when they parrot what Ron Paul  has the voting record to prove?

 Hearing the response of the audience to the death penalty in Texas I was appalled to discover the truth is that we have become a brutal nation.  Cheering the death of our own citizens, some who may be innocent, offers me little hope that Americans want to end the wars.  It is becoming easy to believe we are punishing other countries that do not agree with the American empire as is evidenced by the never ending wars that have little or nothing to do with our security.  It is hard to believe that Americans are willing to put a fence around our borders, fences that could be used like the Berlin Wall to keep us in as much as to keep illegals out.  The media pushes and uses the differences of Americans to the point we get tired of all the hype and will pick anyone just to end the madness.   Most Americans are too busy taking care of feeding and housing their families to dig too deep into the nature of empires. 

America is no longer the melting pot where all are welcome to come and start a new and hopefully better life.  Americans no longer share a love for the Constitution and rule of law.  America has evolved into a democracy rather than the Republic won through the spending of the fortunes and lives of our forebears. I see now why our founders did not like democracy.   America is bankrupt, morally and financially and the media is taking full advantage of this fact.  Americans are placing their trust and hope in a reign of a benevolent King to take care of all of our problems.  The fact is Kings are more often than not very benevolent.  America is building an empire that will end sooner rather than later precisely because we are bankrupt.  This is not conspiracy theory, it is consistent with the fate of every other empire in the history of mankind.

Our last presidential election I did not vote for the establishment/media pick and this time I won't either.   Unless the light bulb dawns on the populace and Ron Paul is the nominee.  The media and power brokers want Obama/Romney/Perry as they can be manipulated and if the people agree with them they'll get Obama/Romney/Perry.  They are interchangeable and usable.

For Liberty,
Donna Dawson

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  1. I saved my mostly blue and Red "Ron Paul for President" yard signs from the last presidential election. I covered up the white year numbers with a blue magic marker on one of them and it's in my front yard now.


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