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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Throw Grandma Off The Cliff?!?

Throw Grandma Off The Cliff?!?

Grab your grandmother’s wheelchair and hold tight because if you don’t the Republicans and Democrats are going to throw her off the cliff.

The Republicans are going to because they are going to default on the debt with their zany refusal to do the bidding of the President’s plan. Not that any plan will ever surface in writing because we have all learned that accountability is that last thing this President will ever be held to prove. Of course, the Republican plan does not cut foreign aid, UN, NATO and the IMF. Cuts to those mobster organizations would save us literally billions of dollars and would certainly pay social security indebtedness for quite some time. Never mind proposing cutting the Pentagon budget. Does anyone remember the Pentagon had lost billions and was being questioned about that in the days directly before 9/11? They’ve never had to account for the missing money. Likewise the pallets of money gone missing in Iraq, or the millions lost via the Karzai regime in Afghanistan. Just to name a few things that should incense the American Taxpayer, but most likely do not cause one second of consternation. Money stolen from the pockets of honest, trusting Americans thrown away, but why worry about such things, turn on the television and catch up on the tragedy of Amy Winehouse, American Idol and keep obsessing over the Casey Anthony verdict…...nothing to see here….move along. They need to stop spending!

The Democrats are going to throw her off the cliff with their love of regulations and restrictions on everything from food to light bulbs, to the job Czar , GE and the President’s own darling, Jeffrey Emmelt sending jobs to China. That is okay, but Boeing can’t open a plant in South Carolina, a situation not even one host on Fox Business has bothered to complain about, but I digress. The Democrats are not fighting the war on lost civil liberties going on through the increasing police state, Patriot Act, TSA and have even named law abiding citizens and taxpayers enemies of the state. Now we think that there may be a plan a float coming from on high and carried out by AFT to sell guns to thugs to be used against our own populace in order to somehow prove that gun control is a first priority. Keep your eye on that issue, I suspect I may be right. They need to stop spending.

Both parties are working in conjunction to throw her off the cliff with their never ending rhetoric, Kabuki Theater, fear mongering, spending and power plays that do absolutely nothing to address our debt.

The revenues, taxes, that the Federal Govt. receives from the slaves, the taxpayer, are enough to service the interest on our debt for the time being. Keeping in mind that the Government produces absolutely nothing for the coffers, they rely strictly on income and other taxation. Unemployment is 9.2 overall and economic growth may as well be stagnant, so the revenues are dropping. Who is going to keep them in high cotton? The rich and middle class? With the middle class shrinking rapidly, the President’s insistence that those that make 250,000 per year are akin to millionaires, taxation and regulation are sending big and small companies to other countries to do business and the rich already pay the highest percentage of taxes.

We have been told Social Security will be broke by 2023 or thereabouts. Which is it? If they will be broke by 2023, why can’t the checks go out as planned? What is the truth? One thing of which I can be reasonably sure is that we will most likely never know.

I know this much, it is our fault that we are in the position we find ourselves. We have put so much trust in our “leaders” who are either Republican or Democrat that we forgot to think for ourselves. We don’t question much when it comes to “the common good”. We have limited our choices and been narrowed down to nothing more than a source of income for the elite in DC and those that collect something for nothing. We have allowed other human beings to have control over virtually every aspect of our lives, from giving us a number upon birth to our salt intake and yet somehow continue to convince ourselves we are free. If you disagree you are a hateful weasel that must be whipped into shape by nasty comments, name calling and guilt mongering, lest you forget that you are living in the land of the free you must worship the state and it’s apparatchik, for this is what our troops are fighting and dying in foreign lands to protect. You have no choice but to take care of the needy through taxation because the churches don’t have the money. Phooey, take control of yourselves.

In order to save grandma we are going to have to hold tight to those wheelchairs ourselves. We are going to have to regain control over our lives and get ready for the coming financial Armageddon. Take grandma into your home and treat her as treasure because she is the most precious treasure you’ll ever have on earth. She can lead you through all the coming storms because she has been through it all before. She fed, clothed, loved and most likely spoiled you when you were small and needed her, now it’s your turn. If you don’t have one, adopt one and get the greedy, creeping government paws of the Republicans and Democrats off the wheelchair.

Donna Dawson
July 28, 2011

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