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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Goodbye, Number Five by Eric Peters

"It makes me shiver with dread to see just how close to the abyss we really are. The Masses have become sickeningly compliant authority worshippers of the early-Soviet or 1920s Weimar German type, not just ready but eager to submit to anything demanded of them by the state. And who often bristle with fury when the occasional sentient citizen dares to raise an objection. Such a person is either a soft-headed “liberal” (if the objector is a badge-licking “law and order” Republican type) or (if the objector is the liberal), the person raising those pesky questions is (naturally) opposed to safety … or someone who favors drunk driving."

Yes, indeed Mr. Peters, we are not just saying goodbye to the fifth amendment, we are handing it to them gleefully.

Goodbye, Number Five by Eric Peters

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I am a wife and mother that wants the best for her family. The best as I see it is for Government to get out of the way.
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