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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Knowing my hubby and me were about to be empty nesting I wanted to pour all the passion of motherhood into something as equally meaningful and gratifying as raising my children.

So I turned to politics. Not just any old brand of politics but the take to the streets in peaceful protest type. I would never have done this if I didn't think I could make a difference in the America in which my children would work and raise their children. This is not the first endeavor I've undertaken thinking I could make a positive change to the world, I was once a young idealistic medic, but I digress.

I was so caught up in thinking I could change the world if only I could educate enough people to vote responsibly it consumed my every waking moment.
I helped organize the first Tea Party in Montgomery with a group of equally passionate and eager to educate Patriots. We traveled to Tea Parties in larger cities and even spent a week in DC talking to Congress critters and the like.

We were there protesting POTUS policy the very night Representative Nelson spoke the famous "you lied" during the POTUS' propaganda routine for the joint Congress.
We marched down Pennsylvania Avenue with two million other Patriots on September 12th carrying signs and chanting. It was an experience I'll never forget.

My traveling companions thought it a little odd that I did not care to see any of the monuments built by man for their own glorification. I did not care at all for the lying little video our Government plays before you can tour the Capitol, I was so incensed I could not enjoy the tour and luckily my companions were a little unnerved by the presentation themselves. People generally don't get that I consider worship of the flag, the pledge, monuments, etc, etc. to be idolatry. On the day of the march they were taken aback by my nonchalant attitude concerning their attempts to make sure I had a safety plan involving hand held radios and an exit strategy should something go wrong at the big rally, but they don't understand that God is my safety net and provides my needs, my family knew I was doing something I felt to be important to their futures and if they worried, they know to give their worries to God.

Some of my group didn't get why I think Ron Paul was, he has two more people to help him now, the only person in Congress that understands American History, what the founders really thought of the Constitution and how they knew what "democracy", central planning, the central bank, empire building via never ending war, foreign aid and general apathy would do and has done to our once great Republic.
I did want to see the Vietnam Memorial because if ever, besides Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, etc. there was an aggression we should not have been involved in, that was the one. I wanted to see the name of the father of a friend engraved into the marble stone of the monument and pondered why his name ended up on the stone when he could have done so much more for his family and country than die in a bloody aggression founded on lies and did absolutely nothing to secure the liberties we are told wars and aggression secure. Then again, which wars and bloody aggressions throughout history have not been founded on lies?

I realized that although we had a great many people at this Tea Party and though it was a powerful moment for all of us, our differences of opinion about Liberty and the State were as vast as the numbers in attendance. My thought at the time was, all of these people and in my "humble" opinion only about 1% understand how great a change is needed in our country if we are to survive with only a memory of our Republic, much less collective liberty, even less individual liberty.
I realized that even with all the people gathered, each one a Patriot deserving the respect of their fellow persons and nation, a greater calamity than what we have seen so far would have to have happen before we would become as one voice and demand that Congress stop spending our money, get out of the way of our bill of rights and individual liberty.

I hate to say this, but I was right.

The right still believes in social programs, empire building, aggression, wars and more bureaucracy via the police state, suspension of habeus corpus and torture in order to reach their UN and NWO goals.
The left still thinks taxing the rich, empire building via the Obama plan, social programs, regulation and control of the individual in order to reach their UN and NWO goals.
I can absolutely forget the idea that Alabamians on the whole are going to seek freedom, this is obvious in those they pick to "vote" for on election day. There are maybe 10% of people in the entire country, much less Alabama, that believe in individual liberty, the principles of a free market and non-interventionist foreign policy.

This past year we've celebrated our daughter's wedding to a wonderful man that we love. Our son has started college, is in the fraternity of his choice, has pretty good grades seems driven and happy. A much loved niece was married to a great guy and has moved to Birmingham. Our much loved baby niece (all of our nieces are much loved) is graduating High School in a few weeks and will be going away to college in the fall. The point here is, they all have seemingly bright futures and we've been fortunate enough to have a family that is pragmatic, responsible, has faith and know God is their provision in good and bad times.

A very good friend lost her brother, a good, faithful servant of the Lord to cancer and our hearts still hurt for her loss. Another couple of friends have spouses with cancer and I pray for their strength and healing.

I cannot save America by my activism any more than I can cure cancer, but the knowledge will not stop me from working to make some kind of difference. I have discovered I cannot change the world by sharing my outlook, I only have an opinion. I will spread the message of liberty and sound economic policy because you cannot have one without the other, and, I have realized that whatever my endeavors are, they are futile in my hands alone.
I will work for the American Cancer Society by participating in the Relay for Life and other fund raising measures.

So this blog may have a softer tone, I may write about something other than the politics of the day, I may post something I find particularly egregious or humorous.

My new passions will be lent to staying healthy and fit for myself and my family. Traveling some this summer with my hubby, particularly to Montana and panning for gold, taking Jesus words to heart trying to follow the most important commandment: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind and your neighbor as yourself. And, there is nothing more gratifying than being a mother.

For Liberty,


  1. Donna, you are my hero. This really inspired me. I gave up hope, but alas, we must keep on spreading the message of peace, liberty, love. I think it is central to not only our political philosophy, but also our spiritual views...

    He told them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field."


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