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Friday, October 8, 2010

Support the Troops? by Justin Raimondo --

My friends know I am anti war. I make no apologies for feeling this way.
I consider myself a Christian, meaning, a follower of Christ. Part of being a Christian is reading the New Testament of the Bible, and I can find no reference of a follower of Jesus being told to kill. Christ came to fulfill prophecy, asked us to follow his example and to show us how to love. What part of "Love the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul, love thy neighbor as thyself" has to do with war? I have repeatedly asked Christians that believe in war to show me one word that came out of Jesus mouth that told us to kill our neighbor and have never been shown the verse.
I get the generalities that Christ said there would be wars and rumors of wars, but I do not take that to mean a Christian should be involved in those wars. I hear "render unto Caesar", but since the United States is Caesar and the people are supposed to be that Government, diligently hold the Government to our founding documents, the people make the laws unto which we are to render. Since we consider ourselves a Christian nation, why do we refuse to uphold our God and Christ given rights of free people?
We have given over our rights to the military industrial complex and I make no apology for finding that wrong, wrong, wrong. I am of the mind that you catch more flies with honey, and try to honor the creed "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
Repeating myself ad nauseum, we were told time after time the reasons we were attacked, not only on 911, but before and after that event. But, power and Empire are strong incentives for those cunning and ruthless leaders we feel we need to keep in power, for our own safety of course. We have allowed the all knowing, all powerful tentacles of the Federal Government's lies and patriotic posturing to keep us blinded to the truth about never ending war.
I will no longer play the game of the Republicans and Democrats. My patience has worn paper thin every time I am near one person that buys into the "but if we don't fight them there, we'll have to fight them there". B.S. in big letters, the purpose of our military is to keep us safe here and to protect our property rights. If I need to protect my property and life, I find it perfectly acceptable to do it in my own back yard. Period! That is it, and I don't want to hear, we live in a different time. Every generation lives in a different time.
Christians, though I love that you want to pretend to be good, charity begins at home. You should be working overtime to save every young person considering joining the military from the atrocities of what is going on in this generation. You walk around pretending to worship God as you bow to every one in uniform, military, police, fire department, etc. Everyone in uniform voluntarily chose those professions as a career choice. I am horrified that we treat them as somehow above and more heroic than the rest of us. How can that be Christian? We are created in the image of God, every one of us and I cannot be part of the hero worship any longer. I honor every person as though his/her life is meaningful and has a higher purpose. You are setting these people up to be your Lord, that is idol worship, I will not worship a mere man.
Good luck with the war thing. I will not worship these children of war, but I will mourn their loss of life, maimed and mentally challenged and pray that the Christ I worship will heal them, while he works on our hearts to have sympathy for people who fall for the lies of the power elites.
I've said this knowing that I have made more enemies than friends and that is the risk I freely take. Before you completely write me off as a kook or loon or ever read another post of mine I urge you to read this article by Justin Raimondo. I do not write this to insult, but to urge you to wake up to everything the Federal Government and New World Order has in store for you and me.

Support the Troops? by Justin Raimondo --

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