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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Hardest Decision Of My Life

I believe in Chuck Baldwin. I believe in him because he not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. I believe in him because he is aware of his blessings and his faith and trust in God is without question. He is willing to go where God leads him, he is willing to be unpopular with the masses of the uneducated and unwilling Americans.
At one of the events at which he was the speaker, right here in Montgomery, he convinced me that I should start to think about voting with my money and feet, rather than the ballot box. The powers that be in both parties have already hand picked the New World Order Candidates. I am firmly convinced we will not change that. Sarah Palin is being groomed by Henry Kissinger and the CFR right now to be the new darling of the NWO. Americans will fall for this as we have for almost the past 100 years.
I wish the Baldwin family much success and I know God has their lives and livelihoods in His hands. They will be fine.
I am going to start campaigning in my family to do the very same thing as the Baldwins and I will contribute to Chuck Baldwin until the time comes that our family can join theirs in the great state of Montana.
God Speed Baldwin Family.

The Hardest Decision Of My Life

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