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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Party on People... Dear President Obama Has Your Back

We cannot blame all the evils of America on The Dear Leader, you have to go back quite a few years to see how neatly we've been set up for his ascension.

In order to save you from having to go read all of that dry history stuff that can't compete with affirmative action, compulsory government nursery schools that house your children from the age of five to eighteen, affording them a healthy dose of indoctrination five days a week, drug and sex wars of the inmates finishing fifth grade, if you are lucky enough to remain innocent that long, Lindsey Lohan, LeBron James and Lady Gaga, while you do your part for the taxman, let me just say, we stopped policing our Government and instead allowed them to police us. It's just easier to take the medicine than practice personal responsibility.

We've been offered coercion, fear, racism, class war, equality, inequality, the afore mentioned affirmative action, lawlessness, the police state, the warfare/welfare complex and outright guilt tripping the likes of which your own mother would be proud and we've fallen for all forms. Fear, fake money and the belief that voting makes a difference also gives us the false security over which we've traded our liberty.

Where were our parents when the Fed and the Income Tax were installed? Why didn't they stop what they had to know in the back of their minds was going to rob their children of the fruits of their labor? Where were they when the taxman named the IRS reared it's ugly head? I thought back then that the Government indoctrination centers still taught about the Revolutionary War, Freedom, the Bill of Rights, The U. S. Constitution and the checks and balances that were every citizen's duty to keep sacred.

Patriotism is not about going to war, waving a flag or even celebrating the fourth of July. Patriotism is about keeping the Republic our Founders pledged their sacred honor, fortunes and lives to secure. Patriotism is not about supporting the troops in far off countries fighting for another country's freedom while our freedoms are being raped and put to death. Patriotism is not about standing at attention during the Pledge of Allegiance (written by a socialist) or the Star Spangled Banner. These symbols, so pure, allow us an outlet to show an outward sign of respect for our once great Republic, but they are symbols and symbols are often used as false idols to garner nationalism that has been used by every dictator in history. Before you get all huffed up because I brought up these symbols I just want you to think about how you feel when you see them, and while you are at it, feel free to check out the symbols of Marx, Lenin, Mussolini and Hitler, and try to imagine the pride their victims may have felt about them. I mean no disrespect to any of the symbols of our nation, I view them with healthy respect, but as a follower of history I could not resist using such an example. Dear reader, please use an open mind here.

No sir, no ma'am, Patriotism is about fighting all forms of Government contrary to freedom. It is about following the Bill of Rights, it is about honoring the rights of the Individual to keep his private property, keep the fruits of his labor, personal responsibility and personal belief system, it is about worshiping God as you see fit, or not.

Where were we and what terrible direction have we allowed Government since the passage of the Patriot Act, ending with the Dear Leaders latest Financial Regulatory Law we are allowing everyone from the tech in your physicians office, the possible pedophile at the NSA that has Govt. permission to view your naked children via the body scanner, the policeman at the check point that will soon gather your DNA even if you are not charged with a crime, the bank teller, walmart checker and every spy in the Department of Homeland Security to keep tabs on your weight, your grocery, clothing, drug and ATM transactions? Granted, some of us have been screaming from the rooftops since Bush I offered up ushering us into the New World Order and Bill Clinton's actions regarding oral sex sent thousands of young women to emergency rooms to have their mouth and throat STD's treated. But where are we going with this screaming?

If that is not enough for you, because, after all, you are not doing anything wrong, the Dear Leader, Elena Kagan and Cass Sunstein all believe that you can be assassinated if they feel you are a terrorist. Forget habeus corpus, you no longer have to worry about false imprisonment, no sir. What? You say you are not a terrorist? Have you ever been to a tea party, believe in the 2nd amendment, limited government, personal responsibility, been a veteran of foreign wars, or have a very strong faith in God? If so, you may have been labeled a terrorist. If you are not any of those things, don't worry you'll get a label soon enough.
Janet Napolitano may have apologized for letting that cat out of the bag, but that cat is still sitting on someone's desk.

What do you fear more now, your loss of control over every aspect of your life or a Muslim Extremist? What if our Dear Leader is worse than the terrorists in Afghanistan or any country in the region, in my opinion the nullification of Congress and his latest appointments, giving him the title of dictator by fiat, are worse, but what if? What will it take for you to assume your duty as assigned in the Declaration of Independence?

Yeah, I know, politics are boring and you are tired of hearing about it, party on.....Dear President Obama Has Your Back.


  1. I'll at least mark this as an interesting post and say that I’m surprised and disappointed that more people don't comment on this blog.

  2. Don,
    I am not even sure I should have posted this. It is quite the rant.
    I believe the lack of response is exactly the point.
    Feel free to pass it along.


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