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Thursday, July 8, 2010

NY National Guard Units Scan for Guns and Drugs

A friend sent this email that I had to pass along.

So, you are not doing anything wrong, why do you have to worry about being scanned for guns or drugs?
Oh yeah, you are okay with police road blocks, traffic light camera's and the police state in general.
Are you insane, or just that apathetic?
For the crowd that does not mind police road blocks checking for the papers (violating the fourth amendment) of the legal citizen, while allowing illegals to go free, arresting or ticketing those that are unlikely to ever pay the fine, do not care if they go to jail, thus being a drain on the taxpayer, I hope you enjoy your false security.
You do not know or care about the meaning of freedom, you only care that someone is not getting away with something or someone one else is taking care of things you won't. You prefer safety over liberty. It is a false security because local law enforcement will not do anything about illegal aliens, again, the war on drugs or illegal activity, in fact it has not done anything except drain our pockets, steal our liberties and cause jail and prison overcrowding.
You gave us mandated health care by first mandating the purchase of automobile insurance.
We are not supposed to have a standing Army in our country. We have a police state already, we do not need the National Guard in any state to hold road blocks, scan vehicles, check for drugs or do any thing except to protect our property rights.
Please read the Bill of Rights, you know, the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution.
You don't agree that your rights are natural and God given?
You think that you are being kept safe by perpetual war abroad, the war on freedom in America by our elected Congress, Supreme Court, IMF, IRS, ATF, Fed, NATO and state legislatures?
Good luck with that.
If you think that laws will keep those who are inclined to break them from breaking them you are out of your mind.
You cannot legislate morality, but you can keep begging for someone to make everything so safe you have absolutely no freedom.
You cannot make me a moral person. You cannot make me refrain from using alcohol (yes, it is a drug), nicotine, prescription or non prescription drugs, you cannot make me abstain from sex, cannot make me follow the law and cannot force me to take responsibility for my own actions.
The state forces me to pay taxes to support charities that I may have otherwise supported through my church, for the very Army and police state that is setting up road blocks, for the legislature that makes these stupid laws, for the lazy and shiftless, for all inmates including those that may have been stupid enough to take illegal drugs, for incarceration of those stupid enough to drive without a license or proper insurance and registration, for the war on drugs, illiteracy, poverty, terrorism, health insurance, auto insurance, and I will.
But all of this force does not guarantee me or you one more breath on this earth than God will allow.
The more that state takes, the more it wants, yet you think I am greedy.
I am free to choose for myself which path my life will take, as God above has granted me that choice.
I do not thank you for the attitude that if you are doing nothing wrong you have nothing to fear. Nor do I thank you for being the morality police, judge and jury. You have no rights over my body or life.
Guess what? The state, sooner or later will find that you are doing something wrong and you will no longer be safe or able to keep that false sense of security.
History repeats itself, so you keep hiding your head in the sand, sit on your thumbs and wait for 1984, or the next Mussolini.
Don't tell me I don't support the troops! Because while they were and have been busy fighting for our freedoms abroad, I've been trying to make sure that the freedoms they believe they are fighting for are not lost by your insanity, apathy or need for security.
I will not support a standing Army in America scanning cars for illegal drugs, guns or looking around for the next war on our liberties.
You keep hoping man will keep you safe and we'll see how this all shakes out.
Please keep your fear to yourself while I keep trying to hold on to my liberty.

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