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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Local Talk Radio Could Ruin a Perfectly Good Day

My day was almost ruined when my husband called and asked me to tune into the M&M show.
I missed the best call of the day, but got to hear Dan put down Ron Paul supporters again (what's new?), heard him say we should edify and pray for everyone. What??!! Put down people who use reason and principle when they cast a vote, yet uphold corrupt and tyrannical party politics. Pray for yourself first Mr. Morris.
I am so tired of the hero worship that goes on in this country, that and the Ron Paul thing are but two of the reasons I cannot ruin my days on this earth by listening to that program.
The media does not need to do any political vetting, Campaign for Liberty and other true liberty groups do a great job vetting candidates, but people like the M&M boys do their level best to make sure our Republic is undermined with their hatchet job understanding of our Bill of Rights and the Constitution and Pavlovian devotion to party politics.
I am still scratching my head over Dan's reference to working with Don Markwell on his Viewpoint show. I must have missed more days of that program than I thought because for the life of me I cannot remember their working with Don.
My vote for who should replace Don was Cindy Wright and Sandie Barnett, turning over the show to M&M just shows what the station thinks of getting the real message of liberty or opposing viewpoints out to the public.
Is it the station, or the area of the country in which we live? How long can this station expect reasoning people to tune into a show in which all who have a dissenting opinion of their "viewpoint" are demeaned, made fun of and hung up upon?
As a Christian I am insulted with all of the references to prayer and how close certain people are to their Lord when I can hear the disdain, have seen things and been privy to activities of certain people that lead me to always want to scream, be careful not to pray on the street corners like the Pharisees.
Further, every man that works and pays their taxes in this country are just as worthy of praise as every one who works for the military or any other public service industry. This indulgence in hero worship is reminiscent of idolotry, and am I wrong, or isn't there something in the commandments that warns us against idol worship?
I don't want to give the impression I am anti military or anti soldiers. I am not anti police or fire fighters either, but I hold farmers, roofers and housewives with the same esteem as any other hard working American citizen.
When programs like this show start treating each and every caller as if their viewpoint, career choice and ability to reason are just as important as every one that works in public service, when they practice what they preach, when they stop imploring every one to pray without checking their own habits, stop supporting certain candidates over the others of their chosen party and become a little less arrogant, I will tune in and hope my day is not ruined before it even gets started.
Until then, I cannot bring myself to listen to something that will make me angry, feel dirty and cause me to want to wash my hands every few seconds.
So the next time my husband calls to tell me what is going happening on the show, I'll ask myself, is it worth ruining my day. I somehow think I'll keep my day a glorious one by refusing to listen.
Then I'll go see if they've pulled the audio on the calls that do not flatter the show.


  1. If my memory hasn’t completely wasted away, when “Dauntless” Don Markwell was still the host of the program, both Morris and Montiel horned in at times by popping into the studio to foist their “expertise” in any and all matters upon the listeners. I suspect that they knew Markwell would soon retire and were auditioning to become his replacement. Well, whatever, they replaced Markwell but they will never compare to him in any favorable way unless they do what seems impossible and humble themselves and change their stripes.

  2. Thanks for the correction on that Don.
    I simply must not have paid any attention to them.
    I did, however, always listen when Cindy Wright, Matthew Givens and Sandie Barnett were on the program.
    I agree with you that "Dauntless" Don is incomparable.
    At least we have Kevin Elkins on in the morning, and in my case, Mike Church on Patriot Radio on the satellite.

  3. When Markwell announced that he would retire I contacted Sandie and urged her to apply to become his replacement because she needed the income and would have made an excellent replacement. I don’t know whether she applied, or if anyone else other than M&M applied, but it’s becoming apparent to more and more people that M&M was a poor choice.


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