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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

George Soros - Republic Enemy #1

George Soros - Republic Enemy #1

Thanks for passing this along Don. This is chilling.


  1. I’m not saying this because I found this article about Soros and sent it to DDforLiberty:

    I think everyone who reads this should send a link to this article to everyone on their email list, and ask them to send it on to others because Soros, AMONG OTHERS, is an evil man and a clear and present danger to freedom, liberty, and life as we know it today.

  2. I've been watching Glenn Beck connect the dots to Soros from SEIU, ACORN and others. (Although I do not believe Glenn Beck has everything right, he is still a neoconservative when it comes to foreign policy and refuses to see the real Lincoln)
    It amazes me that in spite of George H W Bush's speech in which he vowed to usher the United States into the New World Order, we have those who will choose safety over liberty. Clearly we are less safe now than at any time in my lifetime and people keep voting in those who allow the Federal Government, under the control of Soros, too much power.


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