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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


A message to all members of Big Stick Patriots

It was a LONG day today, but we have been making progress.  Short
summation for those not wanting the play-by-play:  SB233 was allowed on
the floor and is in the process towards a straight up or down vote. 
Also, the democrats had a meeting within their party, and the black
caucus vowed to not let the bill pass.  The white caucus told them to do
what they needed to, but they were going to vote in favor of the bill. 
If this is true, we have the votes to pass it, which would make
Alabamians the deciding factor.

Before I get into the specifics of the day, here is what is absolutely needed.  Call in to your local talk radio shows and tell
people about the success we had at the state house today.  The democrats
had NO idea how important this is and how we would respond.  I cannot
put into words how much of a difference your presence, phone calls and
emails have made.  I personally believe we would have had no success in
this, but realize we had Lowell Barron vote in favor of putting the
bill on the floor for a vote today, and even said that We The People
need to have our say in how we choose our health care

Pleasepleasepleaseplease continue to call the statehouse and keep the
pressure on.  If you live in the Montgomery area and are able, come to
the statehouse on Thursday and visit all the senators' offices,
encouraging them to vote in favor of putting this on the ballot.  Ask
why this has not been taken care of yet, since they found a way to get
bingo on the ballot.  If you need phone numbers, let me know and I'll
get them to you asap.

Now, for the juicy stuff.

News flash:  Jim Folson, in my humble opinion, is an idiot.  Kay Ivey stepped down from her campaign
today for governor, and will instead run for Lt. Gov.  If we have to put
up with the men (and women) in the senate until a later date, we need
someone in there who can a:) understand parliamentary procedure, b:)
adhere to parliamentary procedure, c:) be fair to BOTH parties in their
adherence to parliamentary procedure, and d:) hold our senate to a
higher standard than is currently being done. 

Bobby Denton (D), Dean of the Senate, of District 1 (Lauderdale and part of Colbert County) brought whatever is the diametric opposite of
dignity to himself.  When several members of one of the teaparty groups
approached him in his office to discuss the health care bill, he ran
from them and first, hid behind his secretary who told them to step back
because they were scaring her, and then ran into his office, whereupon
he peeked from behind his door to see if they were still there.  Then,
when the senate convened, he sang a song from the floor (he was
inducted into the Music Hall of Fame, wow), and bragged/smirked about
how he had hidden from the group, and then apologized about it. Thought
you might want to know, Deborah!  His disclaimer is that he has had a
shunt put in his brain recently, and that he drove a long distance to
come to Montgomery.  Um, no, that won't work for me.  This man has his
profession listed as an educator.  What???  If you are in his district,
his address is 2206 Lisa Ave, Muscle Shoals, AL  35661, phone is
256-7449.  His office phone is 334-242-7888.   Share some love with
him.  Often.  Just remember that his secretary was assigned to him.

Because some "key" senators were not at the state house when the session convened, shortly after Denton did his little routine, they
adjourned for an hour.  These key senators were necessary to force the
bingo vote.  Actually, what they did was to link this bill and SB233
together.  So, of course this time our bill was able to see the light of
day.  Sort of.  It took 2.5-3 hours before they voted on the bingo
bill.  The democrats filibustered for 1.5 hours so the republicans
couldn't put any amendments on it.  Then, when one of the repubs was
talking about his concerns about the issue, a dem popped up on the other
microphone and called for cloture in 35 minutes.  The first gentleman
in my discourse, Foghorn Leghorn Folsom, had no problems hearing over
all the noise and set cloture for 6:15.  The bill passed 21 for, 13
against.  (I must mention that when Sen. Beason was discussing his
opposition to the bill, he yielded the mike to another sen stating that
he did not yield his time, meaning that he would get the floor back
after that senator was done with what he needed to bring up.  Folsom
"did not hear" Beason, but it's all on tape.  I would not like to be at
the receiving end of a debate with Beason, I tell you what!)  Let me
know if you want the roll call on who voted in favor of the bill.

Another really "special" person in the senate is Roger Bedford.  He actually refers to himself as Roger Bedford, as in "when Gov. Riley
would bring up tax increases, I just want to remind you that Roger
Bedford voted against these raises every time", and in discussing the
bingo bill, would comment that Roger Bedford was doing such and so. 
Highly curious, funny, and very ego-driven, at least to me.  The first
two times he called himself by his own name, I just shook my head.  Then
decided it would be worth going to every legislative day from now until
he's no longer the senator from Russellville, just to keep a scorecard
of how often Roger Bedford talks about Roger Bedford. 

Anyhow, when the bingo bill passed, the dems (some of them, anyway) called to adjourn for the night.  Foghorn Folsom tried to do so, but was
challenged loud enough so even he heard.  Roll call was 11 for, one
pass and 20 against adjourning, so our bill was brought up.  (Remember,
you need 18 votes in favor to pass something.)  Sen. Singleton of Greensboro is really proud to show exactly how ignorant and racist he
is, because he did so with great fervor, at great length.  He took issue
with the lack of respect being afforded to Mr. Obama, with how we're
taking away health care from 1 million Alabamians in voting for the
bill, and more.  The best thing about his discourse is he made my brain
shut down.  Tonight's session was adjourned with the bill on the floor,
so it's the first order of business on Thursday. I'm not sure if he
could have misrepresented our bill any more than he did tonight.
Regardless, it should pass--Beason is pretty sure he has the votes for
it.  Even Harri-Ann Smith (R in name only), who was in-your-face rude to
one of our people when she found out we weren't there to support the
bingo bill, told another one of us that she realizes voting for it is
the right thing to do.  We plan to be at the statehouse again on
Thursday, so I will send out another update at that time.

We met a guy tonight who is running against Lowell Barron.  His name is Shadrack McGill.  I plan on going up there (Scottsboro?) during his
campaign and helping all I can to get him elected.  I hope your groups
will also consider this.  There are actually several candidates up
against deeply entrenched Dems that we might consider spreading the word
for.  Because of possible issues, I will be doing this on my own, not
as a member of Big Stick Patriots, so there is no suggestion of an

It was a pretty stellar day today.  We had between 350-400 people mobilize on short notice, in the middle of the day in a work week. 
Thank you for your actions, not only today, but for the past year.  I
spoke with the head of security for the state house, and he has only
words of praise for the whole movement.  You rock, you know!  I'm
honored to be one of this group.

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