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Saturday, March 13, 2010

National ID on the Horizon.....Again

March 13, 2010
Now Here’s a Global Threat That You SHOULD Be Scared Of
Posted by David Kramer on March 13, 2010 08:32 AM
Those of us who write about the New World Order/One World Government agenda point out that the One Worlders use “global” phony scare tactics to frighten the sheeple into demanding a “global” solution to the global non-problem, e.g., global terrorism, man-made global warming, global financial meltdown, global swine flu pandemic.
Recently I posted a story about how our own gunvernment is using the excuse of monitoring illegal immigrant workers to force upon the entire U.S. citizenry a biometric national I.D. card. It now looks like every other country on the planet is finding phony excuses to force upon their own sheeple a biometric national I.D. card. That alone is pretty frightening. What’s worse is that it turns out that all of these individual countries’ biometric national I.D. cards are being purposely standardized so that any government has access to any other government’s population database.
The smart ID cards being adopted by different nations worldwide are all on a common format: – ICAO 9303 part 3. (This document available can viewed online here)Behind the ID project, the participating nations are also all adopting a common format for personal information on government databases. This is what ID cards are about – more than the physical cards themselves, they are an interface to access databases of personal information. Adopting a common format for cards implies adopting a common format for data systems and databases. Interoperability of systems and universal accessibility of data has been an explicit goal, not merely implicit. There is also a project to make your personal data available to all other governments, worldwide.”
Pretty soon it’s going to be “Your papers please” globally.
 Call your Representatives and Senators and tell them we do not want a National ID Card.

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