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Monday, February 15, 2010

What Happens When You Mix George Soros and the Re-Write of the Alabama Constitution? RED FLAGS!!!

Time's running out Patriots! S.B. 177 Constitutional Convention is on the fast track being read for the third time.. it will be voted on any day now. Here's something that we should ask ourselves, why would funding for the campaign to re-write of Alabama's Constitution be provided by the following: Open Society Institute - *George Soros*, Carnegie Corporation of New York, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, New World Foundation, and Mary Reynolds Babcock have contributed a total of $1,476, 815.00 to Greater Birminghams Ministries. This should concern all of us and raise SEVERAL red flags! Please take a few minutes out of your day to email, call your State Senators.. our efforts are needed on this. Thank you for your efforts for Liberty! Here's a link to the money trail...

SB177 - Constitutional convention, special election called to revise and amend Constitution of Alabama of 1901, election of delegates, special election to ratify proposed Constitution of Alabama

Reasons To Oppose:
A Constitutional Convention is a horrible idea since the existing Constitution is largely still in line with the US Constitution. We feel that the DRIVING influence behind this movement to re-write the Constitution is so certain protections can be taken out, like the stipulation that Alabama must have a balanced budget, as well as removing other restrictions on the legislature about how bills dealing with certain issues must go to the people for a vote. If there are sections of the Constitution that need to be changed, that is why there is an Amendment process. To call a convention to rewrite the Constitution is not only dangerous, but would also be EXTREMELY expensive in a time when we should be saving money, cutting budgets, etc.

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