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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform

have allowed the people to vote on holding a constitutional convention, came to the floor of the House
under the very capable leadership of Speaker Pro Tem, Demetrius Newton. Because the budgets for the
State had not been passed in both houses, a budget isolation resolution (BIR) was required before the bill
could be debated. Although a majority of those voting that day, voted IN FAVOR of the BIR for the bill, it
fell a few votes short of the super majority required for a BIR to pass.
We applaud the following Representatives for voting in favor of allowing the bill to be debated and the
potential of allowing the people’s voices to be heard.
Thanks go to Representatives:
Locy “Sonny” Baker (D) District 85 Abbeville
Mike Ball (R) District 10 Madison
George “Tootie” Bandy (D) District 83 Opelika
Robert Bentley ((R) District 63 Tuscaloosa
Marcel Black (D) District 3 Tuscumbia
Barbara Bigsby Boyd (D) District 32 Anniston
Greg Canfield (R) District 48 Vestavia Hills
Merika Coleman (D) District 57 Midfield
Mike Curtis (D) District 2 Florence
Paul DeMarco (R) District 46 Homewood
Priscilla Dunn (D) District 56 Bessemer
Chris England (D) District 70 Tuscaloosa
James Fields, Jr. (D) District 12 Cullman
Craig Ford (D) Disrict 28 Gadsden
Betty Carol Graham (D) District 81 Alexander City
Ronald Grantland (D) District 9 Hartselle
Ken Guin (D) District 14 Carbon Hill
Alan Harper (D) District 61 Aliceville
Earl Hilliard, Jr. (D) District 60 Birmingham
Ralph Howard (D) District 72 Greensboro
Tammy Irons (D) District 1 Florence
Thomas Jackson (D) District 68 Thomasville
Marc Keahey (D) District 65 Grove Hill
Yvonne Kennedy (D) District 97 Mobile
John Knight, Jr. (D) District 77 Montgomery
Richard Lindsey (D) District 39 Centre
James “Jimmy” Martin (D) District 42 Clanton
Mac McCutcheon (R) District 25 Capshaw
Frank McDaniel (D) District 26 Albertville
Jeff McLaughlin (D) District 27 Guntersville
Mary Moore (D) District 59 Birmingham
Speaker Pro Tem Demetrius Newton (D) District 53 Birmingham
John Robinson (D) District 23 Scottsboro
John Rogers (D) District 52 Birmingham
Yusuf Salaam (D) District 67 Selma
Howard Sanderford (R) District 20 Huntsville
Sue Schmitz (D) District 6 Toney
Rod Scott (D) District 55 Fairfield
Tommy Sherer (D) District 13 Jasper
Butch Taylor (D) District 22 New Hope
William Thigpen (D) District 16 Fayette
Elwyn Thomas (R) District 34 Oneonta
James Thomas (D) District 69 Selma
Patricial Todd (D) District 54 Birmingham
Allen Treadaway (R) District 51 Morris
Cam Ward (R) District 49 Alabaster
Pebblin Warren who changed her vote to show intent to support (D) District 82 Tuskegee
But the following Representatives did not trust their fellow legislators or the Alabama voters enough to
vote to bring the bill forward. We are sorry that the following voted against allowing debate on HB 308:
Speaker Seth Hammett (D) District 92 Andalusia
Gerald Allen (R) District 62 Cottondale
Alan Baker (R) District 66 Brewton
Jim Barton (R) District 104 Mobile
Warren Beck (R) District 87 Geneva
Alan Boothe (D) District 89 Troy
Duwayne Bridges (R) District 38 Valley
James Buskey (D) District 99 Mobile
Steve Clouse (R) District 93 Ozark
Spencer “Jack” Collier (R) District 105 Irvington
Randy Davis (R) District 96 Daphne
Owen Drake (R) District 45 Leeds
Bill Dukes (D) District 8 Decatur
Teddy “Joe” Faust (R) District 94 Fairhope
Chad Fincher (R) District 102 Semmes
Lea Fite (D) District 40 Jacksonville
Victor Gaston (R) District 100 Mobile
Mac Gipson (R) District 88 Prattville
Tpdd Greeson (R) District 24 Ider
Micky Hammon (R) District 4 Decatur
Mike Hubbard (R) District 79 Auburn
Steve Hurst (D) District 35 Munford
Jamie Ison, (R) District 101 Mobile
Ronald Johnson (R) District 33 Sylacauga
Richard Laird (D) District 37 Roanoke
John “Jody” Letson (D) District 7 Hillsboro
Benjamin Lewis (R) District 86 Dothan
Jay Love (R) District 74 Montgomery
Barry Mast (R) District 31 Wetumpka
Mary Sue McClurkin (R) District 43 Pelham
Steve McMillan (R) District 95 Bay Minette
Mike Millican (D) District 17 Hamilton
Pat Moore (R) District 15 Pleasant Grove
Johnny Mack Morrow (D) District 18 Red Bay
Charles Newton (D) District 90 Greenville
Jeremy Oden (R) District 11 Vinemont
Arthur Payne (R) District 44 Trussville
Harry Shiver (R) District 64, Bay Minette
Terry Spicer (D) District 91 Elba
Henry White, (D) District 5, Athens
Jack Williams, (R) District 47, Birmingham
Randy Wood, (R) District 36, Anniston
Greg Wren, (R) District 75, Montgomery.
We are sorry that James Gordon chose to abstain and that Blaine Galliher, Artis “A.J.” McCampbell,
Oliver Robinson and Lesley Vance chose to not vote.
And we are sorry that Billy Beasley, David Grimes, Laura Hall, Mike Hill, Randy Hinshaw, Alvin Holmes,
Thad McClammy, Jim McClendon, Joseph Mitchell and Jack Page, III, were absent and thus did not vote.
So now, ACCR members and supporters, contact your representative and let him or her know you
applaud their vote if it was in favor of HB 308, but are sorry they did not trust you if they voted against the
bill. Find contact information at
We are encouraged by the members of the Legislature that see the need to put this issue in the voters'
hands. They recognize the need to trust those who elected them to make the right decision for the State.
Speaker Pro tem Newton and Senator Ted Little both state that will introduce the bill again next year.
We look forward to next year when we fully expect bills to succeed in the House and the Senate.
Our effort the rest of this year is to get the message out to the voters throughout Alabama. They will
know what is best for this great State and will get that message to their legislators.

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