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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Review of the State of Union Address

I did not watch the State of the Union address last night.  I got up this morning and read the transcript.  It was awful enough reading it without watching the smugness of the president, what Michelle was wearing, who was sitting beside her and the aerobic routine of Ms. Pelosi.

What I read was a recap of all that has been said before.  It is funny that the President actually used the word Constitution in his opening statement.  It’s pretty obvious that the former Constitutional lawyer has put that document aside and hopes he can convince people there never has been need of a document that would guarantee liberty for the citizens as he will fulfill all of our needs and we will like what we get.

When will Congress realize the power of the President is to be limited to that of Commander in Chief?  If there was ever proof that everyone in Congress needs to go, (save Ron Paul) the State of the Union should convince the voters.

There is no free market, children are no better educated than they were before the Federal Govt. took over education, rather, administrators and board of education fat cats are much better off and cannot afford to lose their salaries and perks.  There are very few manufacturing plants left in the United States and since we make and export very little, when the “green and infrastructure” jobs are done we will have a whole new beaurocracy to support what amounts to more corporate welfare.

If we follow Obama’s “plan” we will all be employees of the Government.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a Government job, I don’t want handouts and bailouts.  I don’t want someone telling me what to eat, where to be educated or the terms of paying back the loans of that education, I don’t want government in my health care, I don’t believe taxing people on climate change and going green will save the planet.  But who knows because science, education, nutrition, healthcare, production and basic sustenance has fallen under the provenance of Government, and as American history has been rewritten by the progressives that run our lives, so has the truth.

The president needs to be put in his place, if Congress refuses to hold him in check, we should replace Congress.  I don’t want common ground with any of those progressives as everything they put in place is a detriment to individual liberty, the sovereignty of the states and everything free people of America have fought and died for since the inception of our once great Republic.

I am sure the President will continue to fight for his progressive agenda, the moderate Republicans will assist in the end and the American people will be left with the kind of Government that felled the Soviet Union and every other fascist regime in history.

If you don’t do anything else for yourself, your children and their children, please re-acquaint yourself with the Constitution, Bill of Rights and American History and refuse to vote R or D, instead vote for those who will uphold your and states rights.

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