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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time Magazine's Man of the Year, The Biggest Counterfeiter of the Century

Time Magazine’s Man of the Year
Ben Bernanke,
The Biggest Counterfeiter of the Century

  Ben Shalom Bernanke was not single handedly responsible for the financial meltdown of global proportions, but he certainly knew about the impending implosion of the housing and financial systems, he actually lied to us about the stability of our monetary system just a few short months ago and now he is being hailed as the savior of the United States, possibly the Globe, and the man of the year for bailing himself and a few buds out of trouble.
This truly is like an episode of South Park, it is pretty funny and certainly a little too dirty to let your children watch.  
Time Magazine has made a glorious and ludicrous choice.  
I say glorious because he is now in the spotlight and people will see how corrupt the Fed and the leaders of the monetary system are when the Fed is finally audited.  
Bernanke, former Economic Professor at Princeton, a member of the elitist Bildergerg’s, and although he is not currently listed on Wikipedia’s members of the Council on Foreign Relations he certainly acts like one the of globalist one world governance know it all's.  Bernanke has sheilded his cohorts, big bankers, Fed backers, and Wall Street buddies from the loss of their incredible wealth, at least on paper, but look what the average American gets for his efforts.
We get to line their pockets and pad their “pads” with wall to wall tax dollars that are not backed by anything.  Nothing, zip, nada, not one red cent.
All credit, or worthless slips of paper. They have printed, or will print, up to $1.75 trillion new dollars, which will be conjured out of thin air. Of this amount of newly printed cash, most was injected into the economy in the form of mortgages, in a vain attempt to raise housing prices to help banks repair their failing balance sheets.  
Wait a minute, isn’t that what started the bubble that burst and led us to where we are right now?!!!

He has inherited a great big secret position that makes him more powerful than the president, he sets interest and loan rates, is over the banking system, the FDIC and does not need the permission of the American people or Congress to run his counterfeiting scheme.
If we were to print money we would go to jail.  He has been named Man of the Year for heaven’s sake.

When the Fed is finally audited, people will see where their tax dollars are going and will be livid.  We will see that our currency is not backed by gold, Bernanke, using the printing press and artificially low interest rates is setting up another round of bubbles and busts, our founders warned against using paper currency and Congress has obfuscated their duty to “coin money”, turning the taxpayer over to the whims and winds of fortune of the New World Order.

We will wonder how we could have ever allowed just a few people to decide for us what to do with the fruits of our labor.*
What is ludicrous is we will eventually have to endure what he is being hailed as saving us from, and that is a severe depression.
We have had easy credit for too long and it would be great if the all the world banking systems would continue to accept fiat money, but they won’t and we will have to start paying the piper sooner than later.

What is also ridiculous is the fact that using Keynesian Economics, the subject of which Bernanke taught, has published several books, papers and pamphlet on the subject, he really believes that to make money you just extend credit or use the printing press until you have a turn around in the economy.
This may work temporarily, but you add the fact that the debt ceiling has been raised, medicare and social security are insolvent, the Govt. forced us to participate in these programs that they have mismanaged horribly, we are facing draconian new health care and environmental mandates and never ending wars.  If Congress does not pass the new bills the EPA and HCFA will just make up federal rules and regulations that will nullify Congress completely, we have double digit unemployment, are losing all of our rights under the Bill of Rights and you get a mix that will not last long enough for the economy to turn around.  The perfect storm for Barack Obama to win the Nobel Peace Prize and Bernanke to be named Time Magazine man of the year.   I have a feeling it has more to do with the New World Order, One World Governance or whatever you want to call it and the media’s happy compliance with the agenda to relieve America of it’s sovereignty.

I guess it makes sense to someone that the biggest counterfeiter of the century is Time Magazine’s Man of the Year.


  1. Good rant! Shelby at least voted against him in committee. I agree with the thought that publicity may work against him. Too many Americans probably see the Time cover in line at Publix and say "who is that?". Audit the Fed!

  2. Thanks mises59. That's one good thing Shelby has done. I guess he's just been a good ole boy too long when he votes to bring home the pork.

  3. If Ben Bernanke is the greatest counterfeiter in the world history, and instead of prison, he is rewarded with the second mandat, then he has done a really excellent job :(


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