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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ron Paul on Larry King 12/28/2009

Ron Paul makes the most sense on Foreign Policy of any of our so called Representatives in DC.
What a stupid statement by Ben Stein.
We are occupiers no matter what you believe.
Why else would we build embassies on their soil? Why else would we insult their beliefs by allowing our women to go about uncovered on their lands? OSB warned us for years, he told us they would take us down inside our own land and no matter how long we fight the "war on terror" , the terrorist's have patience, we have aided in equipping and funding them and now they fight against us. The reason Dr. Paul gives for why they hate us makes much form sense to me than the mindless hate our leaders would have us believe they feel for America.
I don't understand how it is anti-semetic to use common sense when Congressman Paul makes the case for using common sense when it comes to foreign policy.
Right now we would be better to have our Soldiers on our own soil to protect us against what our own Govt. is doing.


  1. Unless my memory is failing me, OBL (who is OSB?) said that his reason for orchestrating his war against America through Al-Qaeda, including the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center twin towers, was because of the presence of American troops on “Holy Muslim land” in Middle East nations. Also I believe that the report issued later by the 9/11 Commission gave credence to that as being a reason for that attack.

    Bring ALL of our troops back home to the mainland so they can secure our presently easily penetrated (by potential terrorists and others) borders and avoid the spilled blood, maimed bodies, and loss of lives of our military men and women, as well as not having our nation being further bankrupted by keeping them stationed on foreign soil and being engaged in these wars. And use some of the money saved by doing that to obtain better intelligence about those who wish to harm us.

    Just one more thing which is a pet peeve of mine: I HATE it when these talking heads on TV talk over one another and viewers can’t understand what anyone is saying. I hesitate to criticize Dr. Paul, but in this instance he was also guilty of that as were the other panelists. I understand the frustration panelists feel when they want to respond to something that was said, but talking over one another doesn’t help inform viewers.

  2. I should amend my earlier comment to say that I think we should maintain some forward supply facilities in strategically located positions around the globe in non-muslim countries that welcome their being there and keep enough personnel at each one to maintain it and protect it. These facilities should come into play only in response to an attack on our mainland.

  3. Thanks for the comments Don.
    I did not catch the OSB and I do not know who that is.
    I agree with the talking over each other thing. I was dismayed with that portion.
    I noticed the next night there appeared to be technical difficulties on the show and Dr. Paul was not included in the conversation. I am getting cynical because every time Dr. Paul gets "bumped" for any reason I believe every word of the reason given, Right.

  4. LOL, ddforliberty, you’re the one who mentioned OSB and I thought you might have meant OBL…Osama bin Laden (


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