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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankgiving Thoughts

Like the rest of America, tomorrow I'll pay special attention to the things of which I am thankful.  I'll cook the turkey, bake some pies and observe our family traditions.  I'll be especially thankful for my beautiful, healthy and intelligent children, husband, nieces and other family members.  I'll enjoy watching the Parade and the Dog Show on the television while my daughter lounges on the couch as we discuss which dog will win.  My husband and son will hunt or just kick around the place.  
Tomorrow we will anticipate the Iron Bowl... War Eagle...... I am preparing extra food to take to our tailgate Friday. 
This year I'll also pray that my friends that have sick loved ones especially enjoy their day.  We are at the age when every year we pray more for the health and happiness of our friends.   I hope they can see the blessings this day will hold for them and to hold on to that when the need arises. 
I hope that every one that has a loved one in Iraq or Afghanistan or in another country far from home gets a message from them or to them while we are stuffing ourselves or resting or hunting or whatever we do to celebrate our thanks.
I was going to write about giving thanks to God for all of our blessings and was preparing my thoughts as I prepared the food to cook tomorrow when I started watching a bio of Johnny Cash.
Everything changed.
I sat down and watched two hours all about Johnny Cash on the Bio Channel.  Those of you who know me know I rarely sit and watch television for two hours unless it is a football game, Glenn Beck or Ghost Hunters.
I sat enthralled as memory after memory of growing up with the music of Johnny Cash came back.  Sam and I kept telling each other, I remember that song, or I love that, and in my mind I could see my mother singing along to the radio with songs like "Boy Named Sue" and "Man in Black" or my father singing "The Ring Of Fire".  I remember the gospel songs and as I do I am filled with a longing to see all those in my family who have gone on to the other side because I remember how that music used to make them smile, clap and tap their feet.
I did not remember that Johnny Cash was deeply Patriotic, or how much he loved his wife, and I never knew just how much his music both defined and mystified him.  There was such a presence about Johnny Cash that I was just vaguely aware of in the periphery of my life when I was young.  But when I think back, he was always there.  His music was like a symphony because it ebbed, flowed, swelled, crashed and changed just like life does.  His voice was strong and comforting and I just realized how much I would have liked to have met him. 
He met presidents and kings, people in prison and people on reservations, people fighting wars and people having love in's.  He changed with the times but stood with his convictions.  He loved God, his wife and children, the challenged and the downtrodden.  He loved his country and music and the human condition and I am thankful I saw the bio.
I have linked a youtube video of the last song Johnny Cash recorded on video (at least the last as far as I know).  I find it so suitable that he is singing a Nine Inch Nails song because you know me and NIN.   I find that I love the honesty, love and life of their music and Johnny Cash makes this song both hauntingly beautiful and terrible at the same time. 
I am thankful for people who are unafraid to be honest and bare their souls to help another laugh, cry, smile, sing, toe tap, hand clap, grieve, dance or be themselves.
To borrow the lyrics from another group "To be yourself is all that you can do". 
So thank you God for Johnny Cash.
Happy Thanksgiving

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